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Archives - May 2015


A communication’s update from IFIC

Fiona Lyne, Director of Communications provides an overview of recent activities including highlights from ICIC15, plans for our next World Congresses and International Conferences as well as exciting developments in European integrated care projects and plans for the member’s network online platform.


Dr Emilio Herrera receives award for policy development in palliative care

The president of the NewHealth Foundation, Dr. Emilio Herrera has received the Palliative Care Policy Development Award 2015 that is given by the European Journal of Palliative Care (EJPC) to people worldwide who have made a major contribution and changed policy in palliative care


LSHTM is seeking an experienced health and/or social care researcher

We are seeking an experienced health and/or social care researcher to lead the Evaluation of the Integrated Care and Support Pioneers Programme in the Context of New Funding Arrangements for Integrated Care in England, by developing a major programme of policy-relevant qualitative and quantitative evaluative research on the costs and benefits of health and social care integration based on the Pioneer programme.


Project Integrate

Integrated care is regarded as the best response to new challenges in health care delivery, which has risen due to aging population, increased prevalence of chronic diseases and multi-morbidity for the gain in quality of care and efficiency.


IFIC is supporting the WHO summer school

Responding to the burden of chronic disease presents challenges for all health systems. In European Union countries, between one‐fifth to over 40% of adults report one or more long‐standing health problem.