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Archives - February 2016


The third wave of integrated care emerges

In the 1960s, John Fry, a British GP, introduced multidisciplinary cooperation for general practitioners, district nurses and social workers. In the Netherlands, his Dutch colleague, Frans Huygen, followed his example. The home team was born. Since then, this form of cooperation has become business as usual in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


Nature or nurture? What the latest evidence from the experience of Patient Centred Medical Homes

In the United States, in 1967, Pediatrics first described the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model for use with special needs children who had complex medical, developmental and psychosocial needs, 1 then expanded this model to care for all children in 19922, as pediatricians became more focused on optimal health and development.


Facilitated Box – Dr Viktoria Stein

Facilitated by: Dr Viktoria Stein Dr. Viktoria Stein is Head of the Integrated Care Academy© at the International Foundation for Integrated Care and is responsible for delivering the Foundation's education and training programmes.

Integration Between Health and Social Care Webinar with Robin Miller

This presentation is part of the International Foundation for Integrated Care’s Webinar Series organized in association with Edgehill University. One of the biggest obstacles to successful implementation of integrated care initiatives is resistance by professionals and patients. Fundamentally changing the monolithic structures of current health and social systems, overcoming sectorial and professional mistrust and administrative …