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International Foundation for Integrated Care

Group at meetingThe International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) is a not-for-profit educational network that crosses organisational and professional boundaries to bring people together to advance the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care policy and practice.

The Foundation seeks to achieve this through the development and exchange of ideas among academics, researchers, managers, clinicians, policy makers and users and carers of services throughout the World.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide a unique forum to bring these various perspectives together with the ultimately aim of improving the experience of care for patients, their families and communities, while improving the overall effectiveness of health and care systems.

We achieve this by:

  • publishing the latest integrated care related research, case studies and evidence in our peer-reviewed, open-access Journal
  • bringing people together to present and hear from the latest research, evidence, innovations and practice at our international conferences
  • developing people and organisations by providing education and training through our Integrated Care Academy ©
  • undertaking primary research and providing research and evaluation support to integrated care research-based projects
  • supporting a network of global members so that they might collaborate, share knowledge and ideas and discuss the latest ideas around integrated care
“Integrated care as a concept should be seen as so much more than the sum of a range of organisational processes acting at different levels. As with primary care, integrated care should rank alongside universal health coverage and equity of access as a core property of high-quality health systems since, without it, care experiences and outcomes are unlikely to be as good as they should be. So whilst it is important to better comprehend the complex and multi-dimensional nature of integrated care as a process, it is also important to recognise that integrated care is a fundamental design principle.”

Dr Nick Goodwin, CEO, International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)