About IFIC

Today, our health and care systems are fragmented, disease-centred, difficult to navigate and do not consider the whole person. As a result, too many people experience poor quality care, often in the wrong settings with undesirable outcomes.

IFIC’s Vision is that people, families and communities benefit from person-centred integrated care and support to maximise their health, wellbeing and independence

This vision is underpinned by six core values:


A people-centred approach that addresses physical, socio-economic, mental and emotional wellness


Through proactive multi-sectoral partnerships with people and communities at an individual, organisational and policy-level


Continuity of care that is provided across the life-course


Care that is integrated around people’s needs and expectations, effectively coordinated across multiple providers and settings


Care that is accessible and available to all


Care that is efficient, effective and of high value such that it contributes to sustainable development of care systems over time

Our Mission, as the leading international voice in integrated care, is to inspire, influence and facilitate the adoption of integrated care in policy and practice around the world

How does IFIC seek to achieve its vision?

Through leading the movement for change and in the development and exchange of knowledge.

Among whom?

Among academics, researchers, managers, health and care professionals, users, carers, policy and decision makers throughout the world.

Leading the movement for change

Operating as a centre for excellence and underpinned by a high quality and evidence informed approach, we seek to work in collaborative partnership with our beneficiaries to develop, test, apply and lead this movement.

We seek to do this through the development and exchange of ideas among academics, researchers, managers, health and care professionals, users and carers of services and, policy and decision makers throughout the World.

Our Values as an organisation

Enabler Driver Advocate

IFIC seeks to be an enabler, driver and advocate for the movement for change towards integrated care

Collaborative Partnership

IFIC works in collaborative partnerships to promote and support integrated care solutions across its network that help to improve the care experiences and outcomes for people and communities


IFIC strives to be a centre of excellence in research and analysis, providing translational materials through its experienced and qualified professionals from a wide range of backgrounds

Knowledge Exchange

IFIC exchanges knowledge to support the adoption of Integrated care in policy and practice through innovative and impactful ways of dissemination

Open Access

IFIC values open access to information, research and knowledge

Quality Improvement

IFIC seeks to promote quality improvement so that care experiences and outcomes for all can be realised in a sustainable and equitable manner


IFIC is trusted by its partners and beneficiaries and is distinguished for its transparent, engaging and collaborative approach

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

IFIC respects diversity and equal opportunities in all their forms and pledges itself to maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions and cultures