The History of IFIC


International Journal of Integrated Care (IJIC) is first published

Our peer-reviewed, open-access Journal, the International Journal of Integrated Care (IJIC), was first published in 2000 as an initiative of three Dutch universities (Utrecht, Maastricht, and Groningen) and was hosted and sponsored by the University Library Utrecht.


International Network of Integrated Care (INIC) is established as a Foundation under Dutch law

In 2004 the International Network of Integrated Care (INIC) was established as a Foundation created under Dutch law. The Library moved from being the host and sponsor and became the service provider through its digital publishing arm Igitur. The Julius Centre, University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht undertook to run INIC and, with the potential profit that comes from organising events, agreed to sponsor the costs of the Journal including that of the managing editor. Overall ownership was retained by the three Dutch universities through the agreements in the Foundation.


International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) is incorporated in Utrecht

In 2011, the three Dutch Universities dissolved the existing Foundation and interim ownership and responsibility for the Journal and Network passed to the Journal sponsor the Julius Centre, University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht. In October 2011, the organisation in its current format as the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) was incorporated in Utrecht, Netherlands as a not-for-profit and membership-based Foundation under Dutch law.


IFIC appoints CEO and establishes administrative offices in Oxford as a formal entity

The Foundation is now represented by an Advisory Board of experts in integrated care drawn from different institutions and countries across the World and employs a dedicated management team to run its affairs. In 2012, the Foundation establishes its administrative offices to Oxford in the UK where it continues to be based.

Project INTEGRATE becomes IFIC’s first European-funded research project 

The Foundation is successful in its first European Commission research funding bid and becomes Communication and Dissemination Work Package lead for Project INTEGRATE. The project set out to gain valuable insights into the leadership, management and delivery of integrated care to support European care systems to respond to the challenges of ageing populations and the rise of people living with long-term chronic conditions. Since then IFIC’s Research Directorate has gone onto successful collaborate on a number of projects including: CareWell, Beyond Silos, SmartCare, United4Health, Project SUSTAIN, Vigour, ValueCare, ProCare4Life, DigitalHealthEurope, EURIPHI and most recently CancerLess, Rosia, CareMatrix, InCareHeart, EU4CHILD and DigiCare4U.


IFIC launches first Collaborative Centre in Australia

IFIC Australia is formally launched at the 2nd World Congress on Integrated Care in Sydney in November 2014. IFIC Australia becomes a formal collaboration between the Centre for Remote and Rural Health at the University of Newcastle in 2015 with the ambition to develop capacity and capabilities in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region in the design and delivery of integrated care. IFIC goes on to form further centres in Scotland, Ireland, Canada and most recently Latin America.


IFIC launches Integrated Care Academy©


ICIC surpasses 1000 delegates in Barcelona


IFIC launches Integrated Care Solutions


IFIC goes virtual