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The Foundation collaborates with organisations with similar values and who share our mission to advance the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care policy and practice.

Organisations we work with include:


AQuA in partnership with IFIC have created an Integrated Care Fellowship Programme for system leaders senior to undertake supported personal, professional and organisational learning through a programme of self-directed development, to increase the scale and pace of developing care integration. The first wave of Fellows have recently graduated reporting good experiences.

AQuA in partnership with IFIC have also created a new learning opportunity with the International Exchange Programme, matching two systems from different localities to learn together and from each other about the integration of care services. During 2014/14 teams from Catalonia in Spain and Oldham in North West England have worked together to design visits to each other’s localities to explore how each system has developed integrated care.

Download: Learning opportunities for senior leaders and multi-agency teams leading integration

To find out more about becoming a fellow or to take part in an exchange programme contact

GP New Zealand

GP New Zealand became the first organisation to be affiliated to IFIC as an International Learning Set following its study visit to the UK and Netherlands in April 2014. Since then, IFIC has supported a GPNZ Network Symposium in November 2014 and GPNZ has co-organised a three-country study tour of Europe in March 2015 ahead of the annual conference in Edinburgh. IFIC is currently working with GP New Zealand to bring a future World Congress on Integrated Care in 2016.