The Board

The Board has ultimate responsibility for the Foundation’s development. The Board consists of a wide range of individuals from different institutions and countries. The Board takes responsibility for setting strategies, monitoring progress, promoting and overseeing the work of the Foundation, as well as supporting the Foundation to secure finances.

Board Officers

Áine profile 2020

Áine Carroll


Professor of Healthcare Integration and Improvement
University College Dublin
National Rehabilitation Hospital

Jodeme Goldhar

Vice Chair and Secretary

Strategic Advisor
Ontario Health Team (OHT), Canada

David John Harrison

David John Harrison

Treasurer of IFIC Board

IFIC Board

Philip Davies

Philip Davies

Freelance consultant
Visiting Lecturer (Global Health)
Senior Advisor (International Public Heath)


Prof. Mirella Minkman

Chair of the Board of Directors
National Center of Expertise in long term care


Prof. Donata Kurpas

Wroclaw Medical University

image of jacqui

Jacqui Browne

Disability Patient Advocate

Brenda Reiss- Brennan

Brenda Reiss-Brennan

Mental Health Integration Director
Primary Care Clinical Program
Intermountain Healthcare