A busy year for IFIC supporting a range of EU-funded projects


PROCare4Life over 2022 could analyse the results of pilot 2 and launch pilot 3, supported by a multilingual survey to expand the knowledge about its future users’ preferences. After COVID19, we could finally meet in person in Madrid Consortium meeting. Specific multimedia training materials were created, to support the additional and refined functionalities that have been incorporated into the ICT system. Consortium members presented PROCare4Life results in several international Conferences, such as ICIC22 or PETRA Conference and . Synergies with other projects continued with the support of the Horizon Results Booster, having completed Module A and leading the project group under Module B, together with eSMART, ADLIFE and ValueCare projects.



CareMatrix successfully launched its 1st phase Tender, that will be open until mid-January 2023, after passing it first project review. Over 2022 the consortium was busy in its dialogue with the market, that was iteratively developed since 2021 through the OMC events, the RFI and the Q&A sections of its website. The feedback gathered was really useful to refine the CareMatrix challenge. It was possible to return to the usual practice to meeting in person, having held consortium meetings in Malmö (Sweden) and Drammen (Norway), aligning and refining together the strategy and documentation for the upcoming Tender and subsequent phases. CareMatrix successfully presented its results at International Conferences, such as ICIC22 and Medica, publishing also an academic article at IJIC. CareMatrix also promoted the collaboration with other projects, profiting from the Horizon Results Booster support services, collaborating with the project group led by INCAREHEART, integrated also by eCare and ROSIA PCPs.



Following a successful Phase I with six suppliers, INCAREHEART project had to choose three solutions to respond to its challenge from six promising ones.  The Phase II consortia are the following: CareCardia (led by gnomon informatics SA); CardiCare (led by GESAN SRL); CORRAL (led by CERTH). Each of our suppliers in Phase II now again has the opportunity to show how their solution can provide an efficient, integrated, cost-effective way of better managing care for people with chronic heart failure (CHF), and enter the piloting stage in the next phase. INCAREHEART was able to meet again in person after COVID19, having held consortium meeting in Capri (Italy) and Istambul (Turkey). Additionally, INCAREHEART is leading the project group supported by the Horizon Results Booster, Modules A and B, together with CareMatrix, eCare and ROSIA PCPs.

EU for child


This pilot action ended in October 2022, after 18 months’ implementation. Over 2022 it was possible to finally meet in person, in Rome consortium meeting, and also during the intermediate review held in Luxembourg in May. Over the last year of EU4CHILD there were intense consultation activities with the project’s key stakeholders, through personal interviews, segmented surveys and focus groups. The consortium advanced on the state of the art analysis and created a Roadmap for the AI based paediatric cancer platform, an IT Framework and a Knowledge Base, together with an exploitation strategy. Collaboration with other ongoing EU funded projects was very active, including a STANDS4EU, PERSIST, PRIMAGE, among others. Final results were presented in final webinars and also shared with UNICA4EU, action that has an enlarged consortium led by SIOPE and that is currently incorporating and bringing forward the results of EU4CHILD.



UNICA4EU continues the work started by EU4CHILD, to work on a unique European vision for Artificial Intelligence to fight Childhood Cancer. The project kicked off in July 2022, being focused in its first few months to integrate EU4CHILD results and to detail planning of the activities required to assure the quality of its implementation and results. It is expected that children and adolescents living with cancer, survivors and carers will be placed at the centre and their specific needs in regard to the AI based platform for paediatric cancer validated and enlarged. Roadmap, Framework and Knowledge Base, together with the exploitation strategy, were advanced over 2022.



During this past year ROSIA has successfully carried on its call for tender, 10 bids were received and five of them were awarded. The five competitors have already started the Phase I of the R&D competition. The ROSIA team is excited with the quality and innovativeness of the proposals!

project valuecare

Project ValueCare

Earlier in the year, Project ValueCare partners met in Croatia for their 8th consortium meeting. Taking place in the beautiful town of Opatjia (Croatia), the meeting was hosted by the University of Rijeka Faculty of Medicine – MEDRI. Following the success of a hybrid approach at our recent consortium meetings, the same system was used in June, with in-person attendees interacting with partners dialling in from sites all over Europe. Later in the summer, the Irish ValueCare pilot team at University College Dublin (UCD) were delighted to welcome lead project partners, Erasmus Medical Centre and ISRAA, to visit their site in July.