A Revival Year for IFIC Australia

A Revival Year for IFIC Australia

This was a revival year for IFIC Australia, coming together as a new partnership in June 2022 post pandemic and picking up speed in 2023 with the planning and delivery of the 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care.

The leadership for IFIC Australia sits with the following coordinating institutions:

  • the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC);
  • University of Sydney;
  • Sydney Local Health District; and
  • the Central Coast Research Institute for Integrated Care (CCRI), a joint venture of the University of Newcastle and the Central Coast Local Health District.

IFIC Australia is being supported in its development through funding provided by the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence on Health and Social Care Integration (CREHSCI), led by the University of Sydney. This support funding will run to mid-2025, where IFIC Australia will then seek to be self-sustaining through developing a network of partners and sponsors.

IFIC Australia’s s governance includes an Executive Committee, comprising representatives from the coordinating institutions, to oversee the activities of IFIC Australia. A Partnership Committee, currently led by Greg Stewart as its independent Chair, is responsible for developing an annual program of work, facilitating its national and international network of partners, and developing a pathway for its future growth. IFIC Australia’s activities are supported by a combined team from CCRI and IFIC.

Throughout 2023, the IFIC Australia Executive, Steering Committee and Partners met on a regular basis to discuss work programmes and ambitions for the hub. Much of the focus was on the 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care, Chaired by Lou-Anne Blunden and Professor Nicholas Goodwin and the conference received a record number of abstracts and resulted in a record number of attendees in Sydney from 13-15 November 2023.

You can catch up on the conference resources here.

In advance of the conference IFIC Australia also hosted a successful Integrated Care School at the Central Coast Research Institute (CCRI) in Gosford for 25 participants over 2 days on 10/11 November. The course was organised in advance of the 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care (APIC3) and was developed for those involved in the design, implementation, management and evaluation of integrated care approaches and who want to learn more about leading initiatives, new models of care and evidence-based practice. The course was taught by leading academics, policy makers and practitioners including IFIC’s international team of experts with a combination of lectures, facilitated discussions, a site visit to ATUNE Health Centre in Cardiff, and practical exercises.

IFIC Australia also hosted a series of webinars in the lead up to the conference including:

Digital health solutions that support and engage older people and their carers which took place on 11 September. Drawing on expertise from Scotland and Australia, this webinar examined how data sharing with older people and their carers can lead to a transformational impact on service delivery, and considered the future potential for technologies that support older people in the home and aged care environments.

Catch up with the webinar and resources here.

How to Get Published in Integrated Care in association with the International Journal of Integrated Care took place on 18 September was aimed at all those interested in promoting their research and practice in integrated are and writing scientific papers on their programs or initiatives.

Catch up with the webinar and resources here.

Improving the lives of people living with dementia which took place on 31 October. Drawing on expertise from New South Wales Australia, this webinar explored living and lived experiences of dementia, and how we can improve quality of life both in the early stage of dementia, and in the last months of life.

Catch up with the webinar and resources here.

To learn more about IFIC Australia visit the webpage or contact us on IFICAustralia@integratedcarefoundation.org