Belonging, trust and relationship-building – key takeaways words from ICIC24

Belonging, trust and relationship-building – key takeaways words from ICIC24

Attending the international conference was such a positive personal and professional experience.  This was my first time speaking at an international conference in my home city. It made me reflect on my past experiences and cultural norms and grateful for how far the peace process has progressed and enabled change.  The Waterfront Hall was a superb location, and the hospitality and warmth of the conference organisers and local community were evident. The caliber of keynote speakers during the conference and the discussions in the auditorium were uplifting and provided me with space to stop and reflect.

I participated in the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Inclusion Health, supporting colleagues from charity [third sector] organisations. Co-Chairs Alejandro and Clíona facilitated the meeting. It was a pleasure to listen to the conversations from people attending and assembled at three discussion tables, to understand the optimism for the SIG, and to note the need to clarify and embed the IFIC nine pillars for integration as part of the definition.

Specific words emerged, including belonging, trust and relationship-building, which were key foci for conversations from those who shared their practice and research perspectives highlighting First Nations, diabetes, mental health, disability and homelessness sectors. Key discussions focused on health literacy, intersectionality and radical safeguarding. Developing models and learning from best practices for integrated care was evident throughout and consistent with international sharing during the discussions.  The contributions from all who attended were important in helping to understand and position the SIG – especially input from a patient representative confirming that tokenistic inclusion is unhelpful and that patient engagement is for their reasons.  This, for me, was a developmental step in forming the SIG and growing the interest and community base. There was support for meeting again via webinar and facilitating a discussion using the framework of concerns, claims, and issues.

I also participated as a speaker at a parallel session on homelessness – it was interesting to learn about the developments in integrating care and methods used to facilitate partnership from the breadth of international presentations and discussions with the audience.  Reflecting on my attendance, it was a pleasure to be part of the IFIC community, and it is exciting to see what is next……

Kate Frazer
University College Dublin (UCD)
Inclusion Health SIG