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Date announced for second TransForm conference

Date announced for second TransForm conference

Preparations are in full swing for the second Transnational Conference on Integrated Community Care which will take place in Turin, Italy, on February 26 and 27, 2019. This invitation-only conference is part of a series of conferences being organised for the Transnational Forum for Integrated Community Care (TransForm).

The overarching aim of the Forum is to trigger the interest of and inspire policy-makers and practitioners to foster integrated community care. With the ultimate goal to mobilize change at policy and practice level by engaging policymakers, practitioners and key stakeholders in a knowledge generation and sharing of case studies that will inform and hopefully bring about change in national health policy agendas.

The project includes a mapping of promising practice and a series of conferences and visits in Europe and beyond.

This second conference is informed by evidence and the practical experiences of ‘promising practices’ and will be exploring different strategies and approaches aiming to empower and engage citizens, carers and families in the management of their own health and welfare in the context of their community. Specifically, the conference will examine how micro level actors can be supported to actively participate, facilitate, and implement integrated community care through new relationships. It will also explore the role that peers and volunteers can play in the empowerment process. This will be achieved by taking both a needs-based and an asset-based approach. The conference will also look at the need for changing the education and training of the workforce in order to enable them to deliver integrated community care.

What is Integrated Community Care?
Integrated community care is an approach that seeks to engage and connect people in the design and delivery of care. Its purpose is to enhance the quality of life of individuals and improving population health starting with the needs and resources of the communities. It aims to reduce fragmentation of care by developing new forms of collaborations across diverse local contexts and micro-level settings and establish partnerships between citizens, families, informal carers, professionals and community sectors. Integrated community care implies a shift in traditional thinking based on problem-based, disease-oriented care to a goal and asset-based care.

The conference aims are to:

  • understand the key approaches that help to empower and engage individuals, carers and families in the management of their own health and wellbeing in the context of their community;
  • establish how integrated community care provides a more enabling framework than established practices to ensure more active participation by individuals, carers and families in their health and wellbeing;
  • demonstrate through evidence and practical experiences the positive impact that empowering and engaging people has on improving their quality of life, their care experiences and outcomes;
  • illustrate how approaches to empowerment and engagement has been adopted in practice through established case examples as well as newly developed ‘promising practices’, including facilitated site visits to local innovations; and
  • explore what competencies are needed by professionals and decisionmakers to support, implement and deliver integrated community care and how to improve interdisciplinary training and learning.


Nieves Ehrenberg is a Senior Researcher at IFIC supporting European projects including TransForm.