ERPIC Update

After our first formal year as the ERPIC Executive team (2018/19), we have all decided to stay on in order to complete our goals for the network.  In order to balance our ERPIC commitments with our own research and professional responsibilities, we have reshuffled the team.  The new team structure is as follows (you can find out more about the team here):

  • President: Nereide Alhena Curreri
  • Vice-President: Hannah Johnson
  • Executive Member: Henriikka Laurola
  • Executive Member: Mudi Kadu
  • Executive Member: Paul Wankah

We want to thank our outgoing President, Mudi, and Vice-President, Henriikka, for their gracious and tenacious leadership in the start-up of ERPIC.  They passed on to us the passion for the vision shared with IFIC to allow emerging researchers and professionals to be part of the integrated care movement.

Do you know of a project that needs a researcher?  Is a conference seeking an emerging professional to present on a specific topic?  Let us know so we can spread the news through the ERPIC network!  And keep an eye on our webpage.  We are working towards increasing international collaboration opportunities for our members.

We look forward to meeting you at the next IFIC conference:  the 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care (APIC2) in November 2019, in Melbourne, Australia.  Come and say hello to Hannah, who will be representing the ERPIC Executive Team by hosting a workshop.  We will also see you at the 20th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC20) in Croatia in April 2020, and the first North American Conference on Integrated Care (NACIC2020) in Toronto, Canada.

ERPIC is made up of 230 members in 37 countries researching and working in different areas of integrated care.  Let’s build on these international connections.  Join our online community to publish a book review, join a special interest group, and be a panel member at conferences.

Contact us and give us suggestions on what ERPIC can do., and follow twitter @IFICinfo #ERPICNetwork.