Focusing on people, families, and communities in Latin America (IFIC LatAm)

In Latin America, a participatory process has been developed, promoted by an enthusiastic group of people with diverse academic and professional backgrounds, with experience in integrated care and health systems, from various universities, research centers, foundations, associations, networks, as well as other people who get involved as independent professionals. IFIC LatAm makes a decisive contribution to strengthening health services and systems from the perspective of the Latin American region, and currently its headquarters are in Costa Rica.

The year 2022 was one of great growth and opportunities for the IFIC LatAm group, which has been possible thanks to the unconditional support and accompaniment of IFIC, the invaluable dialogues, analysis, contributions, and monitoring of the members of the IFIC LatAm group; as well as the participation of all the alliances with whom we have had the opportunity to plan, create and build opportunities towards the design of health systems that place people, families and the places where they live at the centre of their approach.

As we look to 2023, we see a year of great possibilities and to the important growth and development of initiatives that allow us to continue advancing as a group and contribute to the joint goal of positioning integrated and person-centered care, families and communities in the Latin American region.

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