IFIC Canada – distributed leadership at every level

IFIC Canada – distributed leadership at every level

IFIC Canada is committed to distributed leadership at every level, curating knowledge, and fostering the shifts in mindset, behaviors, and capabilities to advance integrated care and population health at scale.  We mobilize this change through our virtual community, international events, workshops, and strategic initiatives.

Virtual Community

Through our virtual communities we have explored topics to advance meaningful change within the health and social care system. This year we convened sessions and speakers on the relationship between integrated care and patient and caregiver engagement, digital health innovation and collaborative governance.  Since the launch of the virtual community, over 4000 people have joined the network with over 1100 participants in the two events this year.

International Events

At the International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC), IFIC Canada convened delegates from North America to solidify the relationships and partnerships necessary to advance integrated care. Our community’s presence as part of the international community on Integrated care has grown, with over 150 Canadian attending ICIC as speakers, presenters, and delegates.

We were also thrilled to be the keynote speakers at the Cummings Graduate Institute conference on integrated care in Arizona, USA, where we shared the journey IFIC Canada and further expanded the network for impact.


We collaborated with Cormac Russell on a customized in person workshop for health teams, networks, and regional health authorities on asset-based community development (ABCD). ABCD is an approach that focuses on identifying and mobilizing the existing strengths and resources within a community to promote positive change and enhance overall well-being. ABCD is a key enabler to population health and wellbeing and given the response to the workshop, IFIC Canada and Cormac Russell will continue to develop opportunities.

New Strategic Milestones

IFIC Canada launched the North American Centre for Integrated Care and achieved a milestone in becoming an Extra Departmental Unit at the University of Toronto.

IFIC Canada was awarded a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Transforming Health with Integrated Care (THINC) Knowledge Mobilization grant. The grant focuses on improving our understanding on how to implement, evaluate, adapt, and spread and scale evidence-informed integrated care policies and interventions that encompass intersectoral collaborations within and beyond the formal health care delivery system to advance the Quadruple Aim and equity. IFIC Canada will convene the space and bring together a community that spans disciplines, organizations, and health and community systems, to advance this work.

In closing, it has been 5 years since our initial launch of IFIC Canada at the ICIC18 Conference in Utrecht. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue to serve as a platform and connector within the movement of integrated care in Canada and abroad.

We are pleased to announce the next North American Conference on Integrated Care (NACIC24) will be hosted in Calgary Alberta October 15th– 17th 2024. The conference titled Creating Health and Wellbeing through Integrated Care, includes themes on Human-level transformation for collective impact, Community Enabled Population Health and Wellbeing and Integrated teams and systems: navigating complexity and change. The conference will have a cross-cutting focus on patient and caregiver partnership, health equity and evaluation. For more information on the NACIC24 conference, check out the North America Conference on Integrated Care webpage.


Walter Wodchis and Jodeme Goldhar, Co-Directors, IFIC Canada


Walter Wodchis

IFIC Canada

Jodeme Goldhar

IFIC Canada