IFIC continues collaboration across the EU in 2023


PROCare4Life came to a successful conclusion this year with a final event at ICIC24. This project has deepened the understanding of technological solutions for neurodegenerative care. Check out procare4life.eu to see the lessons we have to share from the project.



With CareMatrix, we launched our testing phases following an incredibly successful tender period. We are now well into Phase 2, working closely with our five suppliers to build IT solutions for care of people with multimorbidity.



INCAREHEART made huge progress this year, moving into Phase 3 of the project and working closely with our two solutions, CareCardia and Corral. As we head into 2024, we are working closely with them to realise the potential of the proposals and create new systems for managing Chronic Heart Failure care.



UNICA4EU is coming to its final months, being currently working on preparing its final Conference, that will take place in February 2024 and the final reports, after our last consortium meeting took place in November 23 in Brussels.



During this past year ROSIA has successfully progressed to the second phase of the pre-commercial public procurement process having started with three awarded contractors: REHABILITA+, RAISE and REHABILIFY. As part of Phase 2, the contractors are in the process of developing prototypes of the most promising solutions in Phase 1 and look forward to Phase 3 where there will be the opportunity to conduct filed tests on the developed prototypes.

project valuecare

Project ValueCare

ValueCare is now entering its final year after the close of our pilot intervention phase. The whole consortium is busy analysing the results of the pilots and collating the knowledge we have created about value-based care, so stay tuned in 2024 as we begin to disseminate our lessons learned.


CO-CAPTAIN has made huge progress after starting earlier this year. Implementation countries are busy working on the recruitment process as the whole consortium supports in the development of the guidelines for patient navigation.



CANCERLESS has made huge progress this year in spreading awareness and capacity building on the navigation model. Having finished recruiting for the implementation pilots earlier this year  pilots are busy collecting data from the involved participants to support in the intervention stage.



DigiCare4You is busy collecting data on our pilots’ participants that will inform capacity building into other regions as we hope to scale-up the DigiCare4You solution to be used in other health care centres and regions.

SUPER Project

It has been a busy year for SUPER Project as we are in the process of finalising the digital learning programme to be made available to people working with people with Parkinson’s disease. We loom forward to making this available to health care practitioners following the end of the project towards the first quarter of 2024.