IFIC launch new international service

CEO Dr Nick Goodwin explains how IFIC’s new service, Integrated Care Solutions©, can support international clients transform current fragmented health systems and implement integrated care.

Over the past few years it has become clear that the integrated care movement has moved beyond making the case for change towards understanding and supporting how best to implement and manage integrated care programmes effectively. What we know from experience is that in no system around the world does integrated care emerge as a natural evolution from existing ways of working. What is required is a step-change towards a new model of care that enables integrated care systems with the capability to improve individuals’ care experiences, generate better care outcomes, and promote population health in a sustainable way. However, until now, there has been relatively little guidance on the ‘how’ of integrated care implementation since the science behind effective implementation has been weak.

Building upon IFIC’s international research portfolio, including recent guidelines on implementation integrated care programmes produced for the EU Carewell Project, IFIC has developed Integrated Care Solutions© – a service that helps support IFIC’s international clients in the effective design and adoption of their integrated care programmes. Our approach brings together the benefits of IFIC’s own content experts with our growing global network of members, associates and knowledge partners. By working with our clients to understand their aspirations for integrated care in their own context, Integrated Care Solutions© provides tailored support that help to advance strategic thinking and translating that into implementation, enabling sustainable service transformation at local, regional and national levels.

To learn more about Integrated Care Solutions© watch this presentation by Dr Nick Goodwin.

This spring IFIC will also start a new webinar series to support the launch of Integrated Care Solutions ©. The first will take place on Monday, April 30, and will be chaired by IFIC Senior Associate Andrew Terris with Dr Goodwin speaking about ‘The Implementation Model for Integrated Care (Europe)’.


Download this presentation to find out more about how Integrated Care Solutions© can support your organisation Supporting Sustainable and Effective Integrated Care: An Introduction to Integrated Care Solutions ©



Dr Nick Goodwin
International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)