IFIC Scotland – Connect, Empower, Inform, Inspire and Enable

IFIC Scotland – Connect, Empower, Inform, Inspire and Enable

In 2023, IFIC Scotland welcomed Bield Housing, Carers Scotland, National Services Scotland and Scottish Care’s Partners for Integration team to our expanded reference network of local and national partners. We also had a fruitful meeting with the Director from the Glasgow Centre for Population Health about our shared aim to develop courageous and compassionate leaders and practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to design, deliver and evaluate people-centred integrated care. Our country wide network operates across disciplines, care settings and sectors in Scotland and with IFICs global community to: Connect, Empower, Inform, Inspire and Enable people centred integrated care.                    


Participants from 27 countries joined us for six webinars featuring international examples of integrated practice. We also hosted seven online forums and hybrid workshops for the seven international IFIC special interest groups we coordinate. Last year we welcomed friends from Catalonia, Malta, Isle of Man, China, Ontario and Australia Capital Territory who visited integrated services in Scotland.


Our virtual roundtables and blogs helped to amplify our call for a human rights based, non-discriminatory participatory ethos that values and learns from experts by experience and views all partners as equals. A co-production approach is central to the five-ambitions for the Future of Health and Social Care, recently launched by the ALLIANCE Academy.  Our wise friend Audrey Birt, founding chair of the ALLIANCE Academy has just published a new book ‘A Journey to Better Times.’ to provide insights and skills to improve the experience and life transition of individuals facing illness or trauma.


Our team published five new peer reviewed papers, submitted four book chapters, curated 16 thematic flash reports, and contributed to conferences and educational events in Scotland, Ireland, US, Sweden, Flanders, Malta and Italy. Dr Audrey Cund, University of the West of Scotland, concluded our evaluation of Proactive Telecare  in Scotland, in collaboration with the ALLIANCE, the Scottish Government and the Digital Health and Care Institute.  We also published a new report highlighting the remarkable social value realised from Compassionate Inverclyde, an award-winning social movement that was featured at ICIC23 in Antwerp. Our colleague Prof Stephen Gibb produced policy papers on long term care and fair work through his work with the Oxfam-UWS partnership:  A Scotland That Cares.


A total of 48 experts from health, social care, housing, third and independent sectors, including experts by experience, were guest panellists in four virtual Roundtables in 2023. These recorded sessions offered a safe space for policy makers, academics, senior managers, practitioners and partners to explore hot topics in integrated care.  An average of 100 professionals and partners from across Scotland participated in each Roundtable. We are delighted to report that next year our virtual Roundtables will be planed and delivered jointly with IFIC Ireland, IFIC Canada and with colleagues from the Bevan Commission in Wales. This will be a super opportunity to share insights across our countries – and we hope it may inspire you to travel to IFICs conferences in Belfast in April and Calgary in October!


Once again, IFIC Scotland partners provided cross sector support for IFICs online certificate, summer school and for postgraduate programmes on integrated care led by Helen Rainey, University of the West of Scotland.  These are inclusive, accessible learning and development opportunities designed to create a culture of person-centred relational practice to improve health and wellbeing outcomes and create health equity. In July we were delighted to start a new partnership with Malta’s Ministry of Active Ageing – an ambitious transformation project to support the local system address the challenge of long-term care and enable older people in Malta to access care closer to home.

And we have a few more projects cooking with health and social care partners closer to home!  As we look forward to another busy year ahead we wish our IFIC network friends a peaceful Christmas and a productive 2024.

Anne Hendry

Director IFIC Scotland

Marie Curran

IFIC Scotland Coordinator

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