Inaugural ERPIC Journal Club

On Tuesday 2 February 2021 over 25 Emerging Researchers and Professionals in Integrated Care attended the inaugural virtual Journal Club. In our first Journal Club meeting, Professor Robin Miller and Associate Professor Viktoria Stein presented their paper ‘The Odyssey of Integration: Is Management its Achilles Heel?’.

The presenters were engaging and when asked what they found most valuable participants responded:
“Interacting with the authors and getting to know other researchers keen on the topic of integrated care.”
“Everything… was really valuable and great to get perspectives from around the world from researchers and healthcare professionals. Loved the presenters.”
“Getting to interact with other practitioners in integrated care. Also, listening to the insights of peers on the shared articles deepened my appreciation.”

These comments reflect the core purpose of the ERPIC network, so if you’re an emerging researcher or professional you can join our network and come along to our next Journal Club, April 6th, where we’ll hear from Mirella Minkman presenting her paper: ‘Suitable Scales; Rethinking Scale for Innovative Integrated Care Governance’.

The Journal Club runs the first Tuesday of every second month.



Nereide Alhena Curreri
Emerging Researchers and Professionals in Integrated Care