ICIC 2014 – First Conference Day

A great start to International Conference on Integrated Care 2014

On the first afternoon of this year’s International Conference on Integrated Care 2014 there was a session focussed on the service user or patient in the context of integrated care. The three presenters took the audience on a journey by first seeking to define person centred care by looking at the international literature. It was clear that there are numerous interpretations, ranging from existing or redesigned service models being wrapped around the patient. The patient input and influence being confined to the healthcare transaction rather than commencing at the design stage.

The patient and carer view was then explored with a journey round the continents of the world where it became clear that while there were some geographical variations, the aspirations of service users and their carer support networks were remarkably similar. People wanted to be actively informed and involved in planning their care and throughout the delivery of their health and care episodes. They were realistic in their expectations and recognised and accepted constraints when they were encountered and explained.

Finally we heard about the coproduction of services where patients, service users and carers were directly involved at all stages in the care process. It is clear to me that for innovative service redesign to deliver meaningful integration, this is one ticket that may well secure success.

– George Crooks