Metro-Regional Intellectual Disability Network

The best abstract award at WCIC2 which took place in Sydney, Australia was presented to: Robert Peter Leitner, Bruce Chenoweth, Lif O’Connor, Jurgen Wille, Anne Funke, all from South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Australia, and Rhoshel Lenroot, from University of New South Wales, Australia

Title: Metro-Regional Intellectual Disability Network ( A Statewide Collaborative Multidisciplinary Care Model

The abstract stated that the research supported the integration of mental and physical health of people with intellectual disability, and took into consideration the social determinants of health, engaging local stakeholders from across the system to co-produce the service model. Although the hub-and-spoke service model was complex, and there were multiple interest groups and stakeholders, the model was clearly described, including structural and process issues. The methods section was particularly well written and articulated the various steps in design and implementation. Key findings and conclusions were succinct but coherently covered the material. It is an abstract that is both comprehensive in explaining complexity and easy to understand for people who may be unfamiliar with the context.