Organisational Models and Care Pathways for Integrated Care

I attended the session on “Organisational models and care pathways” run by the colleagues from EIP AHA B3 Action Group. The first thing I found amazing and interesting to learn was that Scotland has now launched legislation on social and healthcare integration. It is now a Public Bodies (Joint Working Scotland) Act 2014, ( and binding for all stakeholders involved.

We also learned about care pathways analysed and developed by EIP AHA B3. When listening to the colleagues I was wondering where the social care part is or whether it was reflected at all. From the experiences I have gained from my involvement in the CIP Pilot A SmartCare, pathways look quite different when we reflect healthcare and social care. However, integrated care is a very complex field and desperately needed, and this includes integrating healthcare services of course. So, much done; much needs to be done, as wisely summarised by one of the presenters from Northern Ireland.