Portugal is now an integrated living Lab! Join us for ICIC25 in Lisbon 14-16 May 2025

Portugal is now an integrated living Lab! Join us for ICIC25 in Lisbon 14-16 May 2025

As we conclude the enriching sessions of ICIC24, I stand before you filled with gratitude and excitement. Gratitude for the insightful discussions and shared learnings, and excitement for the promising path ahead in advancing integrated care.

I am thrilled to announce that the International Conference on Integrated Care will continue its legacy next year in the vibrant city of Lisbon for ICIC25.

As the host city, Lisbon promises not only it’s captivating charm, but also a stage for groundbreaking dialogues and collaborations in the realm of integrated care.

Our Theme for ICIC25 is “Synergizing Health and Care: Leveraging Integrated Care for a sustainable future”, reflecting our commitment to fostering collaboration and integration across the health and care continuum.

This synergy is essential as we strive towards a sustainable future in healthcare, balancing quality care with efficiency and resilience.

Soon we will be opening the call for abstracts, inviting you all, to contribute your innovative ideas, research findings and best practices to shape the agenda of ICIC25.

We eagerly await your submissions as your expertise and insights are crucial in driving the evolution on integrated care globally.

Now let me share a glimpse of what’s happening in Portugal that makes Lisbon an exciting destination for ICIC25.

Portugal is currently undergoing a transformative journey in integrated care. The entire country is now covered by integrated care organizations where primary and hospital care operate under the same board. This collaborative approach includes a representative from the municipality on each board, fostering a cohesive and community -centric model of care.

Moreover, Portugal has implemented a national population risk stratification system and a risk -adjusted capitated based payment model. These initiatives promote personalized care, efficiency, and sustainability, aligning with our theme of synergizing health and care. Portugal is now an integrated living Lab!

By hosting ICIC25 in Lisbon we aim to showcase these initiatives, exchange global perspectives, and collaboratively chart the future on integrated care. Together we can build a future where integrated care is not just a concept, but a lived reality, promoting health, wellbeing, and sustainability for all.

In closing I invite each of you to join us in Lisbon for ICIC25, where we will continue to build bridges, share knowledge, and inspire change in integrated care. Let’s synergize our efforts, foster collaboration and pave the way for a sustainable and inclusive future in health and care.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Lisbon next year sunny Lisbon is waiting for you!

Dr Adelaide Belo
Portuguese Association for Integrated Care (PAfIC)
Host of ICIC25