Poster Presentations – ICIC14

20 poster presentations covering horizontal and vertical integration of care, with global and European applicability.  Some were people centred and bottom-up, with others focusing on systems and services and describing top-down approaches to integrated care.

Many were work in progress so we will look forward to further presentations and results at future conferences.  The panel, two of whom were involved in assessing the posters last year, were really pleased to see progression from some posters to paper presentations this year.

The posters were assessed on the quality of the posters themselves, the style and clarity of the 3-slide PowerPoint presentation given during the lunchtime sessions and the originality of content in relation to integrated care.

The runner up for 2014 was Dr. Joao Sarmento who is a PhD student from Portugal.  His poster described a comparison of ambulatory case sensitive condition related hospital admissions in Portugal and Canada.  Some powerful visuals were used in both his poster and presentation to highlight the results of the study.

Our winner this year was Stine Kamionka, a researcher from the Center for Global Health, University of Southern Denmark who shared her work and early findings relating to intersectional pathways for vulnerable patient groups, particularly young people with complex health and psycho-social needs.  The panel felt this was a concept of integrated care that could flourish not only in Southern Denmark but across the world.