Review of the Health Care Home Model – a look inside a leading New Zealand example of integrated care

Profiling IFIC´s recently completed and published evaluation of Capital & Coast District Health Board´s Health Care Home model

What does a health care home model offer in a post Covid-19 world?

What are the New Zealand innovations building on an already well evolved national primary care grass-roots initiative the health care home collaborative?

The Health Care Home (HCH) mode was, first implemented in New Zealand in 2011.  It was inspired by the Seattle-based Group Health model and adapted for the publicly funded and general practice gatekeeper role in New Zealand.  Capital and Coast District Health Board commissioned  IFIC to undertake an evaluation of the CCDHB region’s implementation of the Health Care Home model over the July-August 2020 period.

Interviewing  a broad range of stakeholders and complementing the concurrent Maori and Pacific reviews of the model, this rapid evaluation was an opportunity to look at the formative and the summative aspects, as well as opportunities and potential future directions.

The HCH programme in Wellington was ambitious, with a target of  80% coverage of the population within 3 years and encompassing lean processes, new models of care, technology, funding and roles.

This was the first time IFIC applied the updated building blocks of Integrated care, (adapted in light of Covid-19) as part of an evaluation framework.  This proved a useful and balanced reference point against which to gauge both the progress and future trajectory of CCDHB’s Health Care Home model.

As a leader in organised primary care and having bent the curve on acute demand, the New Zealand health and care system is now considering its future against a backdrop of New Zealand´s recent Health and disability review and the question perplexing most governments: how do we transform our systems so that they are more resilient and fit for purpose in the post Covid-19 era?

Andrew Terris
Senior Associate

International foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)