The Spanish Observatory on Integrated Care

The Spanish Observatory on Integrated Care (Observatorio de Modelos Integrados en Salud, OMIS) has just published the first annual report on integrated care experiences in Spain. The report collates and classifies the practices registered at the Observatory website over 2014, highlighting their key innovative and transformative elements in providing integrated social and health care to people.

The report is available in Spanish here

The OMIS is a bottom up and collaborative initiative, launched in April 2014, to provide leadership and knowledge transfer to develop integrated care in Spain. The OMIS achieves this by identifying and analysing best practices, disseminating findings, transferring knowledge, enlightening debates and mobilising key actors.

The scale and pace of integrated care in Spain need to be understood under the backdrop of the impact of the economic crisis endured by the Spanish economy since 2010. However, the report shows that bottom-up experiences of integrated care in Spain, covering chronic care, child care, disability and personal autonomy promotion, are already taking place.

Nineteen integrated health and social care experiences from various Spanish regions were registered at the OMIS, including initiatives to align care guidelines and protocols, joint teams of health and social care staff, organizational and governance arrangements or technological tools for managing integrated care. The analysis of the experiences confirms the presence of elements that the literature suggests as key for providing integrated care including holistic care assessments, care planning, a single point of entry, personal contact with a named care co-ordinator or case manager and multi-disciplinary teams.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Arturo Álvarez, OMIS Director of Research
Avenida Menédez Pelayo 20, 4º. Sevilla (Spain)
Tel. +34 954 414 785