APIC3 Conference Themes

1. Intersectoral and multisectoral approaches to integrating care

  • Meeting the challenge of intersectoral working
  • Implementing, sustaining, and scaling integrated care in the public and private sector
  • Learning from community-based initiatives
  • Understanding the influence of the policy agenda to drive change
  • The evidence for financial reform and aligning funding in the long-term

2 Developing primary and community-based care

  • The future of primary health care
  • Prioritising investment in community-based, programmes and initiatives
  • Bringing the primary and community workforce together to give better care for people and communities
  • Improving care coordination through inter-disciplinary working

Doctor Online

3 Advancing virtual care and digital solutions

  • Innovations in digital health that support integrated care
  • Addressing the digital divide and promoting inclusion
  • Embedding virtual and remote options that have become common place in practice
  • Promoting access and digital literacy
  • The evidence for virtual care and digital solutions as an enabler tool


4 Supporting the health and care workforce

  • Protecting the health and care workforce
  • New skills and capacity
  • Supporting inter-disciplinary and team-based working
  • Developing the workforce skills required to invest in consumer and community empowerment

5 Learning from First Peoples, First Nations and Indigenous Peoples

  • Designing health and care systems that address inequity, and support wellbeing and better health
  • Lessons on culturally-competent approach to integrated care
  • Collaborative models, including partnerships, co-leadership and parallel development
  • Learning from the First Peoples, First Nations and Indigenous experience