Recorded Plenary Sessions

NACIC2021 Opening Ceremony

Plenary 1 – Co-Designing for health and wellbeing with individuals and communities

Plenary 2 – Meaningful partnerships with patients, caregivers and communities


Co-designing for health and wellbeing with communities. Advancing people and community inclusion. Highlighting the need for meaningful partnership with patient, caregivers, and communities. (Innovation, Inspiration, Integration)


Co-designing for health and wellbeing with individuals. Working together to become a high performing health and care system. (Innovation, Inspiration, Integration)

Plenary 3 – Care Closer to Home and In Community – Innovation, technology and scale

Plenary 4 – Implementing Integrated Care- Top-down Policies and Bottom up Innovation


Cutting Edge technology and innovations contributing to integrated care + Adaptive strategies & Change management: soft skills are core skills of integrated care (Innovation, Inspiration, Integration)


Mobilizing the path forward and how to be a change maker. Highlighting the lenses of policy makers, decision makers and system planners at the international, national and local level
advancing integrated care. (Innovation, Inspiration, Integration)

Closing Ceremony