Conference Themes

Meaningful partnership with patients, families and communities

  • How do we know it’s real? How do we know when we have got it right?
  • How does patient, family and citizen engagement make a difference?
  • What are the actionable strategies for meaningful partnerships?
  • How do we ensure effective representative engagement from diverse communities?
  • Are there practical tools to help patients advocate for integrated care for themselves and engage in co-design?
  • How has the voluntary sector become involved in integrated care?
  • What do providers need to know to effectively engage with patients in co-design?
  • How do we learn from design experiences in other industries?

Implementing Integrating Care: top-down policies and local bottom-up innovations

  • What policy changes have occurred internationally to support the implementation of integrated care?
  • What are the best practices/proven approaches to building sustainable local partnerships to integrate care around patients and families?
  • What are we learning about connecting top down and bottom up efforts?
  • What do different types of organizations contribute to integrate care?
  • What are the challenges in broadening integration to social care and lessons learned?
  • How do patients best get involved in bottom up approaches?
  • What can we learn from “citizens initiatives” to organize local care and personal health budgets?

Cutting edge technology and innovations contributing to Integrated Care

  • What are the latest developments in integrated care?
  • How can technologies be leveraged to accelerate integrated care?
  • How are the latest digital health strategies supporting integrated care?
  • How is technology innovation supporting person-centred integrated care ?

Adaptive strategies and change management: the softer side of integrated care

  • What are the latest approaches to enhance the people side of change in implementing integrated care?
  • How do we deal with the challenges of complexity in managing these changes?
  • What are leadership strategies for integrated care? What competencies are needed?
  • What are the challenges/barriers and examples of proven successes in change-management / new ways of working to support integrated care?

Transferable lessons in spread and scale of integrated care

  • What are the transferable lessons from scaling up and spreading integrated care?
  • What does collaborative leadership and governance look like for spread and scale?
  • What are transferable lessons from outside healthcare?