ICIC22 Denmark Odense


You may have heard something along the lines of the Danish Healthcare system being highly digitised and that integrated care and pathways are supported by digital solutions and infrastructure. It’s all true. In Denmark, a coherent and integrated healthcare system with a high degree of digitalization enables real-time sharing of electronic data and makes it possible to initiate early diagnostics and address chronic diseases in new ways, where the patients are empowered and involved in handling their own disease.

At the 22nd International Conference for Integrated Care you can experience that for yourself – or to be precise: You will get the chance to experience first hand what it feels like to have relevant information about your disease and medication shared between the different sectors and health and care personnel that are involved in your treatment.

“Patientville” which is part of the exhibition at the conference will strive to give you that experience. When you arrive at the conference in Odense, you will be welcomed by something that is very well known to all Danes: the yellow health insurance card. This card helps to connect the Danish healthcare sector and by visiting Patientville you will experience firsthand how it works. And how truly interconnected and digitized the Danish Healthcare sector really is.