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More than structures – the introduction of Regional Health Areas in Ireland

By Niamh Daly Day / April 19, 2022

More than structures – the introduction of Regional Health Areas in Ireland  Dr Niamh Lennox-Chhugani, Chief Executive, International Foundation for Integrated Care.    The Department of Health in Ireland published the long-awaited business case for the establishment of Regional Health Areas (RHAs) this week as Cabinet approved the case. The Chief Executive of the Health…

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Consequences of war for people: destroyed continuity of care now, lack of care provision later

By Niamh Daly Day / March 16, 2022

Consequences of war for people: destroyed continuity of care now, lack of care provision later Since 24th February 2022, we have all seen the images from Ukraine. At the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and most particularly with people living with long-term care needs, their family, carers…

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Developing a new model of information systems and Electronic Health Records in Catalonia

By Niamh Daly Day / February 16, 2022

Developing a new model of information systems and Electronic Health Records in Catalonia Dr Josep Vidal-Alaball, Head of the Central Catalonia Primary Care Innovation and Research Unit, Institut Català de la Salut    Catalonia, located in the northeast Spain and with a population of 7.7 million habitants, has a health care system that provides publicly…

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Health and Social Care Reform in Scotland – What Next?

By Niamh Daly Day / January 27, 2022

Health and Social Care Reform in Scotland – What Next?   A New Year is a time for reflecting on achievements, identifying new goals and making resolutions for the year ahead. This year, our resolutions are all about the 3 Rs: Recovering health, mental wellbeing, social and economic activities for people and communities; Remobilisation of…

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Sing the Change: What a Wonderful World Connected and Distant

By Niamh Daly Day / November 2, 2021

Sing the Change: What A Wonderful World Connected and distant After eighteen months of restrictions and working from home with the daily commute from bedroom to workstation feeling the norm it was time to surface and try something new. For this I joined the Rock Choir and turned up to taster session not really knowing…

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Rounding up the #NACIC2021 Experience

By Niamh Daly Day / October 20, 2021

ROUNDING UP THE #NACIC2021 EXPERIENCE After hosting three informative and interactive sessions over a span of four days, our team at CBI Health was excited to be able to exchange ideas at #NACIC2021 with integrated care professionals from all around the world. Our main goal throughout the conference was to show how home care can…

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Reflections of a Patient – “One Of The Team”

By Niamh Daly Day / October 19, 2021

Reflections of a Patient –  “One Of The Team”   IFIC has really embraced person-centred care, and I believe this is the first conference I have been to that has such a high proportion of patients and caregivers. 300 of the 1000 attendees were patients or caregivers, which is fantastic. Congratulations to IFIC for making…

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Conference Plenary Summary: North American Conference on Integrated Care (NACIC)

By Niamh Daly Day / October 12, 2021
Conference Plenary Summary: North American Conference on Integrated Care (NACIC) From October 4-7, 2021, attendees came together virtually to share and learn about ‘Co-designing for health and well-being with individuals and communities’ at the first-ever North American international conference on integrated care (NACIC). Organized by the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), the conference brought… Read More

Frailty Matters

By Miriam Galvin / February 25, 2021
IFIC Scotland’s end of year blog mentioned our ‘Frailty Matters’ project, funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing. I am pleased to share some more detail about this innovative collaboration between the ALLIANCE, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), IFIC Scotland and the Queens Nursing Institute Scotland (QNIS). Frailty… Read More

Advancing integrated care evaluation in shifting contexts

By Miriam Galvin / January 20, 2021

Despite many studies evaluating the effectiveness of integrated care, evidence remains inconsistent. Increasingly, commentary on the subject of integrated care evaluation is pointing out the mismatch between the ability to capture the impact of integrated care initiatives and programmes, and the selection of the most appropriate methodology to do this.

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Celebrating Learning and an Inspiring Community of Practice

By Miriam Galvin / January 11, 2021
On the 12th November ten students from the MSc Leading People-centred Integrated Care at the University of the West of Scotland joined me in a conversation with IFIC Scotland’s Reference Network.  The virtual session was organised to allow the students to share their experiences of participating in the Masters programme, now in its 3rd year.… Read More

IFIC is a consortium partner for 10 EU-funded projects in 2021

By Admin / January 4, 2021

Over each of the last 8 years, IFIC has been a consortium partner for many EU-funded project with most focusing on older people living with complex health and/ or social care needs. Many of our projects have examined how ICT can enable the delivery of care services and provide better outcomes and experiences for patients,…

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IFIC’s first Online Certificate in Integrated Care goes live in 2021

By Admin / January 4, 2021

The International Foundation for Integrated Care’s move into digital education came about from years of delivering successful Summer Schools and Accelerated Learning Programmes in Europe and Winter Schools in the Asia Pacific region. Covid19 restrictions meant that our normal timetable of Summer Schools and Accelerated Learning Programmes were to be put on hold for the…

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IFIC Ireland 2020 Year in Review

By Admin / December 23, 2020

In July, IFIC Ireland convened its first formal meeting of its Steering Group members. IFIC Ireland Steering Group will help take forward IFIC’s mission and aims across the region on a more sustained basis, and a commitment to advise, discuss and prioritize IFIC Ireland’s future activities in the region. The Steering Group will have a…

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IFIC Scotland 2020 Year in Review

By Admin / December 23, 2020

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….. that pretty much sums up 2020. The dreadful global impact of COVID-19 disrupted our workplan but IFIC Scotland still managed to achieve some key milestones. In March we successfully concluded our Transforming Together project with colleagues from São Paulo State Secretary of Health…

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IFIC Australia 2020 Year in Review

By Admin / December 23, 2020

The year 2020 will be forever defined by COVID-19 and its global impact. In Australia – through a mixture of good fortune, a favourable geography, and aggressive policy – the impact has thankfully been orders of magnitude less than most other countries in the world. In terms of the health and care system a long-term…

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IFIC Canada 2020 Year in Review

By Admin / December 23, 2020

IFIC Communications team in conversation with Jodeme Goldhar, Co-Director of IFIC Canada and Treasurer of the Foundation looks back on 2020 and what we have to look forward to for IFIC Canada in 2021. You played a key role in developing the Foundation’s report “Realising the true Value of Integrated Care” – what did your…

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VIDEO: Integrated people-centred health services (IPCHS) in Ireland: lessons learnt

By Miriam Galvin / December 1, 2020

The following presentation of Prof. Áine Carroll, IFIC Ireland co-director and IFIC Board member, describes current lessons learnt in the design and delivering of integrated people-centred health services in Ireland.

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Review of the Health Care Home Model – a look inside a leading New Zealand example of integrated care

By Miriam Galvin / October 19, 2020

The Health Care Home (HCH) mode was, first implemented in New Zealand in 2011. It was inspired by the Seattle-based Group Health model and adapted for the publicly funded and general practice gatekeeper role in New Zealand. Capital and Coast District Health Board commissioned IFIC to undertake an evaluation of the CCDHB region’s implementation of the Health Care Home model over the July-August 2020 period.

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Value-based care: why it matters so much now

By Miriam Galvin / October 8, 2020

The twin challenges of last summer’s bushfires, swiftly followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, have exposed critical bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in the Australian health system

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Continuity and coordination of care at the heart of integrated people-centred health services (IPCHS)

By Miriam Galvin / September 28, 2020
There are many descriptions of integrated care. I particularly relate to one framed by National Voices: ‘’My care is planned with people who work together to understand me and my carer(s), put me in control, coordinate and deliver services to achieve my best outcomes.”  It speaks of a collaborative approach to achieve what really matters to… Read More

Deafness and Dementia

By Miriam Galvin / September 28, 2020
Deafness and Dementia a review by Anne Hendry Communication matters. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, communication has been of critical importance at all levels, from policy to public health messaging and in practice. Now more than ever we must provide clear information and advice and listen carefully to what really matters to people. With the introduction… Read More

Dr. Edelweiss Aldasoro discusses health inequalities in light of Covid-19

By Miriam Galvin / August 10, 2020

Can we function as one system, identify with the shared values and vision, and believe that everybody can be a partner in the care of each other when many societies structurally impoverish, marginalise, deprive, neglect or abandon some of their communities? The pandemic has highlighted that some communities and groups are systematically neglected and unprotected.

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Is integrated mental health care hard to achieve?

By Miriam Galvin / August 4, 2020

First, what is integrated mental health care- it is a mental health care system that should encompass clear and seamless care pathways that match the intensity and type of care with the severity and complexity of the illness that people experience over time. For most people living with mental illness in Australia these care pathways are often difficult to find and often unaffordable.
Improving mental health care services has been a focus of the Bupa Health Foundation since its beginnings some 15 years ago.

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Realising the Value of Integrated Care in Australia: Beyond COVID19

By Miriam Galvin / July 27, 2020

Integrated care systems and communities provide greater resilience in adapting and coping with such urgent and complex problems. The COVID 19 pandemic may prove to be a catalyst in rethinking how health and care systems work in ways that better protect the vulnerable and are better prepared to cope with emerging systemic shocks.

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Cost and effects of integrated care

By Miriam Galvin / July 7, 2020

Governments across high-income countries are challenged to contain the relentless increase in health expenditure, which is partly driven by ageing populations and an associated increase in the prevalence of chronic disease.

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IFIC Ireland Summer Update

By Miriam Galvin / June 8, 2020
Since our last newsletter in March, life has changed in many ways for all of us. We have all adjusted our work plans, family life, how we spend our free time and holiday plans for the foreseeable future. Many of the ordinary daily acts of meeting, working together and socialising are completely altered or simply… Read More

The 4th anniversary of the approval of the Framework on IPCHS by the World Health Assembly

By Miriam Galvin / May 19, 2020

Celebrating the 4th anniversary of the approval of the WHO Framework on integrated and people-centred health services: progress and opportunities ahead

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Respond, recover, reset, and then thrive! Building resilient communities during and beyond COVID 19

By Miriam Galvin / May 8, 2020

The second in IFIC’s “Care during and beyond the COVID-19 Crisis – Building integrated care as the cornerstone of our new reality” webinar series took place on 24 April. This webinar was organized in association with IFIC Australia and chaired by Professor Nick Goodwin, Chair of IFIC Australia and Director of the Central Coast Research Institute. The webinar focused on “Supporting Community Resilience in times of Public Health Crisis”

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Power in our collective: how we build the future as one system and ‘one team’

By Fiona Lyne / April 9, 2020

The first in IFIC’s “Care during and beyond the COVID-19 Crisis – Building integrated care as the cornerstone of our new reality” webinar series took place on Wednesday, 8th April and was attended by 250 delegates representing 40 countries.
In this webinar series we will be offering an opportunity for our network to hear about the integrated care approaches implemented and considerations being made around the world to address people’s continued care and support needs beyond the immediate public health issues and crisis management.

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The Orange Declaration

By Miriam Galvin / April 1, 2020

In October 2018 researchers and service providers met in Orange NSW to consider the challenges in addressing consistently poor mental health outcomes in rural and remote Australian communities. They concluded that rural mental health services are not working, despite increases in government funding.

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IFIC Ireland Spring Update

By Miriam Galvin / March 31, 2020
It has been a busy start to the new year for IFIC Ireland as we launched our new webinar series for 2020, signed a partnership agreement with SláinteCare and had numerous speaking engagements Please Note, in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions in place, we regretfully inform you that the National… Read More

Integrated Care Search: Paper on search filter development

By Miriam Galvin / March 23, 2020
Integrated Care Search: Paper on search filter development published in BMC Medical Research Methodology Integrated Care Search (ICS) is a validated search filter giving ‘one-click’ access to the integrated care research literature in the PubMed database. It was launched at the 18th International Conference on Integrated Care ICIC18 held in Utrecht in May 2018. ICS… Read More

The case for a more intimate relationship between research, policy and practice

By Miriam Galvin / March 3, 2020

A ship without a compass? The case for a more intimate relationship between research, policy and practice to enable the more successful adoption of integrated care

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What Latin Americas massive protests tell us about the future Integrated Care agenda

By Miriam Galvin / February 24, 2020

Galileo Pérez-Hernández, Board Member of IFIC and Nieves Ehrenberg, Senior Researcher discuss the value and importance of the Foundation’s work in Latin America and the efforts to develop a regional hub to support capacity building around integrated care across the region.

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SCIROCCO Exchange Webinar

By Miriam Galvin / February 7, 2020

The transformation of healthcare systems is highly complex and, as such, the health and social care authorities in charge of system redesign are seeking support to improve their capacity for integrated care.

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A Look Back at 2019

By Miriam Galvin / January 6, 2020

What a year we have had at the International Foundation for Integrated Care! We continue to grow at pace and our network extends to all corners of the world.

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International Conference on Integrated Home Care

By Miriam Galvin / November 18, 2019

On 19 September the Belarus Red Cross Society (BRC) in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, and with the support of the Swiss Red Cross, hosted an international conference entitled “Integrated home-based care: modern approaches and key challenges”.

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ERPIC Update

By Miriam Galvin / November 1, 2019

Welcome to ERPIC!
To uphold our ethos of inclusivity of anyone early in a career, we are now officially the:
Emerging Researchers and Professionals in Integrated Care .
After our first formal year as the ERPIC Executive team (2018/19), we have all decided to stay on in order to complete our goals for the network. In order to balance our ERPIC commitments with our own research and professional responsibilities, we have reshuffled the team.

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IFIC Ireland Autumn Update

By Miriam Galvin / October 31, 2019

It’s been a busy time in IFIC Ireland this autumn with webinars, speaking engagements, our inaugural Accelerated Learning Program and we have some updates regarding our upcoming events. First, we are postponing the National Forum to May 2020 to allow the inclusion of a number of SláinteCare initiatives that are only now getting underway. All details are below and for anyone who has submitted an abstract, your paper will be considered for our alternative date.

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