4th International Conference Systems and Complexity for Healthcare

4th International Conference Systems and Complexity for Healthcare


04/04/2019 - 05/04/2019    
All Day


University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Knoxville

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Expansion of Medical Knowledge • Administrative Process • Data Analysis • Measurement Parameters • Government and Legal Involvements

There are many factors interacting in the increasing complexity involving contemporary health and healthcare. The theme for the 4th International Conference for Systems and Complexity Sciences for Health is “Networks for Local and Global Health Improvement.” The complexity of the 21st century healthcare system is rapidly expanding. Some of the causes of this growing complexity involve expanding medical knowledge, broadening administrative concerns, increasing measurement parameters, increasing data analysis capabilities, government and legal participation, and proliferating specialization. These complexities interact with each other at many levels, sometimes to conflict and sometimes to synergize.

How can such complexity be resourced to improve healthcare? Our patients, health care teams, hospitals, and health care systems are all complex systems, understanding the science common to complex systems enables our ability to effectively manage and improve them. An appropriate understanding of the complex systems affecting health and healthcare today, can lead to adaptations that can decrease the conflicts and increase the synergisms.

The outlook of systems and complexity sciences offers innovative approaches and new-found perspectives to the ever changing healthcare industry. We seek to engage those in the physiological, social, environmental, clinical, preventive, educational, organizational, financial and policy domains to share their experiences and build new relationships at this conference. The conference planners are preparing an interactive agenda featuring processes that will encourage creative, interdisciplinary exchange through plenary, interactive, oral, poster, and social sessions designed to promote learning, understanding, and innovation.

Registration is now open and deadline for Abstracts is Thursday, February 21.

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