6th International Carers Conference


03/09/2015 - 06/09/2015    
All Day


Gothia Towers, sweden

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Care and Caring: Future proofing the new demographics

How we manage care and caring in the face of demographic change increasingly domi­nates social policy, research and practice. The 6th International Carers Conference – to be held from 3rd – 6th September 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden and co-hosted by the Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, Carers Sweden and Carers UK – will challenge the international community to take a fresh look at an enduring issue. Caring is everybody’s business!

If you are a strategic decision maker or a representative from an NGO, practitioner, policy maker, researcher, health and care service or technology provider – anyone with an interest in care and its impact – this event is for you. Attending will allow you to share expertise and experience, explore innovation and seek real solutions to the care crunch.

The conference will focus on four key themes:

  • Health, social care and well-being: how do modern societies and economies manage care in the face of demographic change and more mobile populations?
  • Combining work and care: how can we support people to manage their working and caring lives, contributing to business, economic and social sustainability?
  • Paying for care: how can we share the costs of care between the individual, family, community and the state? How can we ensure there is a vibrant market for care?
  • Technology-enabled care and support: how can new technologies support the delivery of care, transform the lives of individuals and families and drive economic growth?

The speaker line-up will be world-class with keynotes and seminar presenta­tions from across the globe. Join with colleagues from Sweden and the UK, mainland Europe and as far afield as Australia and India, China and the USA, to add your voice to the international debate.

Purpose of the conference

  • The conference will engage and inform:
  • International government representatives
  • International and European institutions – UN, WHO, European Commission, European Platforms
  • International carers organisations
  • Local government health, social care, housing and related agencies
  • Health and care insurance providers
  • Financial services sector
  • Technology enabled care products and services – suppliers and providers
  • International NGOs – disability, health, equalities
  • It will provide an excellent opportunity for different stakeholders and communities involved in care and caring to:
  • Hear the latest developments on research, policy and practice from world class speakers
  • Share experience and expertise with academics and practitioners across the whole spectrum of health and care
  • Understand the demographics underpinning societal and economic change
  • Examine the challenges to sustainable health and care
  • Explore innovations in technology-enabled care and support
  • Consider the role of housing and design
  • Look at how we support carers in employment
  • Debate international solutions to paying for care
  • This conference will bring together the key players working to frame solutions to one of the century’s greatest challenges.

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