Webinar – Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth at Scale EIP B3 Webinar

Webinar - Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth at Scale EIP B3 Webinar


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ACT@Scale is an innovative partnership of leading European health care regions, industry and academia that have the true potential to transform cure and care delivery services from pilots and experiments to scaled up, routine management of frail elderly and chronically ill. ACT@Scale aims at developing, testing and consolidating “best practice” Care Coordination and Telehealth (CC & TH) concepts that can be leveraged by the participating healthcare regions to expedite scaling-up their services, but also transferred to other regions through Europe and beyond. The scaling-up of “best practice” ACT@Scale CC & TH concepts is fully in line with the EIP on AHA and the EC scaling-up and digital health strategy, will facilitates concrete decision-making at EU policy level, and shows payers, practitioners and providers how patient care can be improved in light of an ageing society and under restricted budgets. ACT@Scale is targeting integrated care good practices in Basque Country, Catalonia, Groningen, Northern Ireland and South Denmark that are all in the process of implementing novel CC & TH processes at scale. The target groups are populations of chronic patients and elderly people with special needs including social services, frailty and psychiatric morbidities. A holistic assessment will be performed based on an agreed minimum dataset of indicators and with the support of a distributed Evaluation Engine. The ACT@Scale activity builds on the expertise and experiences of the previous ACT program and will use tested and tried collaborative methods and tools to implement improvements.

The work leading to these results is funded by the European Community’s Health Programme under grant agreement 709770. The ACT-at-Scale programme is fully aligned with the European Innovation Partnership in Active and Healthy Ageing objectives to deploy integrated care for chronically ill patients


Webinar on Mapping of European Integrated Care practices and Evaluation Framework

ACT@Scale team will present the outcomes of two sprints performed in 2016 with the collaboration of the regions of Northern Ireland, Northern Netherlands, Catalonia, Basque Country and South Denmark. The first sprint is related the agreed methodology to map the research areas:
-stakeholder and change management
-service selection including risk stratification
-business models and sustainability
-citizens empowerment
The second sprint is the agreement of an evaluation framework minimum set of standardized indicators to be collected during 3 years in 5 EU regions to assess the progress of deployment of integrated care programs

Agenda and presenters

Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth at Scale EIP B3 Webinar Tuesday, 23rd May 11:00am – 12:30pm CEST

Introduction and chair: Cristina Bescos, Philips Healthcare, Germany
Map overview of service selection strategies: Esteban de Manuel, Ane Fullaondo, Kronikgune, Basque Country
Map overview of change management and stakeholder engagement: Tomas Salas, Montse Moharra, AQuAS, Catalonia
Map overview of business models: Maarten Lahr, UMCG, Northern Netherlands
Evaluation Framework and Minimum Data Set: Helen Schonenberg, Philips Research, Netherlands

Cristina Bescos
European Program Manager,
Philips Hospital to Home -Telehealth business in Boeblingen, Germany

Since 2013, European Program Manager for Philips Hospital to Home -Telehealth business in Boeblingen, Germany. She leads the ACT@Scale (Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth Deployment at Scale) Programme, an EC co-funded project to facilitate the necessary organizational transformation towards scaling telehealth and integrated care. Dr. C. Bescos is coordinating the Action Area 2 on Change Management for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing B3 group – Integrated Care.

With over 15 years of experience both in research and in management of large international innovation projects in the area of eHealth and healthcare transformation. PhD in Biomedical Engineering and a Master in Telecommunication Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Professional experience in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, and Spain.

Leo Lewis
Senior Fellow
International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)

Leo joined the International Foundation for Integrated Care Team in early 2013 as a Senior Fellow leading IFIC’s work in the EU funded SmartCare integrated care project. Since this time, Leo has expanded IFIC’s role in Europe through involvement in two other integrated care projects as well as the United4Health telehealth study.

In addition, Leo is a member of the IFIC team collaborating with WHO Europe in the development of their Coordinated and Integrated Health Services Delivery: Developing the Framework for Action. Leo is an experienced programme manager having working in academia, the NHS and Welsh Government leading eHealth, chronic conditions management service improvement and research projects and was responsible for the development and testing of NHS Wales’ predictive risk modelling (Prism) tool. Through the building of strong relationships with stakeholders, Leo works with others to bring her knowledge, skills and expertise together to co-design new transformational change approaches for delivering ICT-enabled integrated care solutions to meet the needs of different populations. Leo has a keen interest in rural health and wellbeing and also works part time for the Institute of Rural Health.

As well as gaining NHS management qualifications early on in her career and Prince 2 training, Leo studied an MSc in Health Informatics at Swansea University and most recently gained a Diploma in Leadership for Collaboration from University of Wales Institute in Cardiff.

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Cristina Bescos
European Program Manager,
Philips Hospital to Home -Telehealth business in Boeblingen, German