Care 2025: Innovate, Orchestrate and Elevate

Care 2025: Innovate, Orchestrate and Elevate


12:00 am


Hamburg, Germany

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Innovate, Orchestrate and Elevate
Conference of the Global Clinical + Care Coordination


Forum on November 6 in Hamburg, Germany National and international delegates will meet to discuss innovative strategies and latest approaches for raising care to the next level – at the conference of the Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF) on November 6 in Hamburg, Germany. Especially, the impact of digitalization as well as its potential benefits and challenges for all those involved in delivering care to the patient will be reviewed. The GCCCF conference titled “Care 2025: Innovate, Orchestrate and Elevate” follows a series of five successful GCCCF roundtables which took place in London, Belgrade, Bucharest, Moscow, and Warsaw. Care 2025 will feature topics such as Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, digitalization of clinical workflows, as well as the current state of balance between patient care and privacy laws. Also, attendees will learn about the digital journey of a hospital group from a management perspective as well as about ideas and visions for future hospitals. The EU approach for regional implementation and up-scaling of good health and social care practices will be presented as well as the value of smart devices and applications as tools for prevention.

Care 2025 is open to key stakeholders involved in care providing and care optimization”, explains Ljubisav Matejevic, President of the GCCCF. “We now need to improve the quality and ensure the sustainability of care while increasing efficiencies and balancing costs. Our mission is to reshape care delivery, leverage digitalization and reduce variations in care. Innovate – By using digital technology and data in a responsible and secure way in order to transform outcomes for patients and citizens. Orchestrate – By creating interoperability between medical devices, information systems and care management solutions to close gaps and deliver integrated workflows. Elevate – By safely harnessing the revolutionary developments in technology to fight inequalities and improve access to services, and ultimately, to raise health and social care delivery to the next level.

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