EFPC 2021 Bergen Conference

EFPC 2021 Bergen Conference


05/09/2021 - 07/09/2021    
All Day

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EFPC 2021 Bergen Conference

The EFPC association have announced its 2021 annual conference with a focus on the future of primary and long-term care. Both have been proved to be crucial if it comes to providing quality of life and healthy life years rather than living longer. In the current changing boundaries, with the COVID crisis as a accelerant of changes, we need to re-think our policies and enhance the practice. Through imagination we can explore different perspectives. Searching for different approaches has, for many years, led us to interesting new techniques in care provision like using art, sports or cooking. The same is valid when we try to teach or convince colleagues the various ways in which they can provide care for patients. A one-direction approach is very limited and will not have the same effect as using a variety of approaches.

The EFPC membership is a community which has a big interest in exploring changes and to foster this we are going to highlight this wonderful feature of our association. Join EFPC to take advantage of this diverse group of people and share your stories with us, which are most probably different from those of everybody else.

Call for Abstracts open until 1 May

The conference scientific committee invites submissions of abstracts (in English language only) for presentations related to the scope and purpose of the conference. Please check the list of EFPC 2021 Bergen Conference – Themes.

The material should be structured according to the format here, approximately 250 words in length and accompanied by the author’s preference for the type of presentation: oral paper, poster or video presentation.