EIP on AHA B3 Action Group Webinar on Change Management in Integrated Care


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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EIP on AHA B3 Action Group on Integrated Care invite participants to the first B3 Webinar on ‘Good practice on change management: Maccabi Multidisciplinary Telemedicine Centre for Chronic Disease Management’, which will take place on Thursday 6th August, 14.00 CEST.

The aim of this webinar is to present interactively the experience of Israel in the deployment of a 24/7 call centre of highly trained nurses supported by other professionals providing proactive care to patients with chronic diseases using computerized clinical care pathways and videoconferencing. The example will serve to present the work of the B3 AA2 Group on Change Management and the B3 maturity model in a concrete practice.

The host and presenters are:

  • Stella Tsartsara, B3 Promoter (webinar host)
  • Cristina Bescos, Philips Healthcare (Co-ordinator of the B3 Action Area 2 Change Management group)
  • Angela Irony, Director of Maccabi On Line Medical Centers
  • Avital Segal, Deputy Director, Medical Online Medical Services MOMA (Multidisciplinary Telemedicine Center for Chronic Disease Management)
  • Rachelle Kaye, Strategic and International Consultant, Maccabi Healthcare Services (B3 Action Group member)

If you wish to participate, please register via this link –http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EB59D882834939 – and you will receive an email with joining instructions.

Please feel free to disseminate this information across your network.

You can find a full outline of the session here:B3 AA2 Webinar – Session Outline