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ICIC18 – 18th International Conference on Integrated Care, Utrecht


Value for People and Populations: Investing in Integrated Care

The International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC) in partnership with RIVM presents the 17th International conference on Integrated Care “Value for People and Populations: Investing in Integrated Care” to take place in The NBC Congrescentrum, Utrecht, Netherlands 23 – 25 May 2018.

The conference will bring together researchers, clinicians and managers from around the world who engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care. They shared experience and the latest evidence about integrating Public Health, Health and Social Care and the New roles and Possibilities for Hospitals, producing Positive and Curative Integrated Mental and Physical Care, mobilising key enablers like policy making and Mobile and Digital Health Solutions, and investment in an Integrated Care Workforce, clinical leadership and coproduction with individuals, careers, communities and populations.


  •  Value based Integrated Care
  •  Population Health
  •  Engaging and empower people in communities
  •  Funding of Integrated Care
  • Vulnerable populations& Populations at risk
  •  Role of primary care in integrated care
  •  Concept of positive health


Principal Conference Partners



23-25 May 2018



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