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IFIC Australia Autumn School 2021


22/03/2021 - 25/03/2021    
All Day

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Designing and Implementing Integrated Care in Metropolitan Areas of Australia

This IFIC Australia Autumn School – Designing and Implementing Integrated Care for Metropolitan Communities in Australia – has been commissioned by Sydney LHD, South East Sydney LHD and Central and Eastern Sydney PHN as part of their Partners agreement with IFIC Australia. The course has been sponsored by the BUPA Health Foundation. The course is a virtual edition and will take place entirely online from 22 – 25 March 2021.

The Autumn School seeks to build on the success of IFIC’s internationally-based education and training programs developed through its Integrated Care Academy©, and specifically from the positive experience of its Summer Schools that have been held in both Australia and the UK over the last 5 years.

The Autumn School seeks to respond to demand from the health and care sector to help build capacity and skills in the effective adoption of integrated care programs in metropolitan communities. It is designed as an intensive on-line training course for those who are tasked with designing, implementing, managing and/or evaluating integrated care and who want to understand the core components to successful implementation.

Designed for project teams
This course is specifically designed to support PHNs/LHDs, and their local partners, to build their knowledge about the design and implementation of specific integrated care project developments in their own context. By working in groups of 4-6 people the course is designed to enable project teams to design and develop implementation plans either for a new integrated care project, or to review and support an existing project.

Before the residential program begins, participants will come together to select or develop an integrated care project that they would like to develop during the one-week course. This process should:

  • Provide a title for the project
  • Outline the population group targeted for integrated care, including details of the local context of implementation
  • Create a ‘persona’ of a typical individual that would benefit from the program
  • Set out a ‘problem statement’ that creates the need and rationale for moving to an integrated approach to care
  • Articulate the key outcomes being sought (e.g. for people, for the system)
  • Detail the overarching aims and objectives of the program

The groups will submit their project outlines to the course directors and develop short presentations to share with other delegates during the pre-course program.

Designed for individuals
The Autumn School has also been designed for health and care professionals, clinicians, researchers and managers who want to strengthen their understanding of integrated care and hone their individual skills and competencies. During the course, individual participants will be grouped together to consider ’how to’ address the care integration needs of ‘Katherine’ a hypothetical but typical case scenario of a person with complex needs where care and services need to be better coordinated around her needs.


Thursday 28 January – Introduction to the IFIC Australia Autumn School
Friday 26 February – Deadline for Enrolment
Monday 15 March – Pre-Course Welcome and Introductions
Introduction to Project Teams & their Projects (pre-prepared)
Introduction to ‘Katherine’
Monday 22 – 25 – March Autumn School
Monday 3 May – Guest Lecture and Post-Course Evaluation and Review

For more information on fees and how to apply contact Darren Curran