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IFIC Australia Webinar Series 2020


The International Foundation for Integrated Care Australia (IFIC Australia) is delighted to introduce their second Webinar series. The core mission of IFIC Australia is to develop capacity and capabilities in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region in the design and delivery of integrated care. IFIC Australia seeks to achieve this by providing a platform to develop and exchange ideas and promote activities in the region in keeping with IFIC’s mission.

You can find the IFIC Australia 2019 webinar series here!

Friday March 27 2020, 08:00 AM

Case management in various forms is often used, although poorly understood. This webinar will explain case management as a care coordination strategy for individuals. Quality analysis and macro to micro practice issues are explored through examples.

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Dr Hazel Dalton
Research Leader and Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health
The University of Newcastle (UON)

Dr Dalton is the Research Leader and Senior Research Fellow (Executive) at the University of Newcastle’s Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health, based in Orange, New South Wales. She manages research across mental health promotion (including the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program), innovation in mental health service provision (including integrated care) and rural suicide prevention.

Hazel is a Facilitator for the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) Australia, playing a key role in the advancement of integrated care in Australia. Hazel is interested in translational research, communication of research more broadly and providing evidence to support programs and inform policy. Hazel has extensive research experience across university and health sectors, with skills in conceptual modelling, quantitative and qualitative research approaches.


Dr Sue Lukersmith
Senior Research Fellow
Australian National University
Associate University of Sydney
Director Lukersmith & Associates

For over 20 years Sue worked across health and disability sectors as a therapist, educator, consultant and then managing director of a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation practice. She moved into full time research in Australia and Internationally, now working as a Senior Research Fellow and Evidence Based Advisor to a NSW based social insurer. Her research is across policy and practice, focusing on person-centred integrated care for people with a disability, quality and impact analysis. She developed the Case Management Taxonomy (CMTaxonomy) now used in research and practice. She has been an invited speaker to international conferences as an expert on case management.