IFIC Ireland Advancing Integrated Care Webinar Series

IFIC Ireland Advancing Integrated Care Webinar Series


12/06/2019 - 10/12/2019    
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Advancing Integrated Care in Ireland

IFIC Ireland will host and facilitate a series of 6 webinars from June to December 2019 titled ‘Advancing Integrated Care in Ireland’ and forms one of the key delivery mechanisms enabling knowledge mobilisation across all stakeholders with an interest in developing and implementing integrated care within the healthcare systems on the island of Ireland.

It is important that those taking integrated care forward are enabled to share their experience, success and failures with others. Spread and sustainability can be accelerated if innovators and leaders are supported to work together in learning networks through which information and intelligence can be shared. This helps to avoid the same mistakes being made, can avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and can help build commitment and support by enabling leaders to work together in a community of practice.

It is also important to make it easy for those leading integrated care to access outside expertise, e.g., in identifying what best practice looks like when developing integrated care for older people or learning how best to share information about users across organisations and services. Creating a hub to support learning and development is critical, as is accessing skills in service improvement to support rapid cycles of learning.

Webinars offer a flexible, easy to access learning experience, which answer to the demands of professionals and students alike. By mixing videos and presentations with live question and answer sessions, participants have the chance to ask burning questions in a relaxed and safe environment. The pre-recorded videos, background material and recommended reading lists are available for download after each webinar session. The webinar series are often organised in cooperation with one of IFIC’s partners, and address current topics giving a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in theory as well as illustrating the concepts with numerous practical examples from around the world. The guest speakers are also recruited from our substantive network, thus offering the unique opportunity of asking questions to the leading experts in the field.

Session 1 - Understanding Integrated Care: Lessons from around the world

Wednesday, 12 June

Over the past decade many definitions, concepts and theories have emerged trying to explain what integrated care is and what the main building blocks for successful integration of services across sectors and professions may be. In this first webinar Dr. Toni Dedeu, Director of Programmes at the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), Dr Pim Valentijn, Principal Investigator and Research Consultant in the field of Value-based Integrated Care. and PJ Harnett, Programme Manager, Integrated Care Programme for Older People at the HSE, give an introduction to the most influential concepts, frameworks and lessons learned so far, highlighting the complexities of designing such systems at local, regional and national level. The webinar was chaired by Karen O’Connell, Coordinator for IFIC Ireland.

Download Karen O’Connell’s Presentation (including Reading List and Q&A)

Download Dr.Toni Dedeu’s Presentation

Download Dr Pim Valentijn’s Presentation

Download PJ Harnett’s Presentation

Session 2 - Workforce Planning for Integrated Care

Tuesday, 9 July 12pm GMT

While the driver of health system innovation to date has largely been focused on reorganising care delivery processes and adopting technology to improve outcomes, little thought has been given to the people who need to implement and utilise these tools on a day to day basis. In this webinar, we will highlight and discuss health workforce in the context of the Framework on integrated people-centred health services (IPCHS) and provide a case study example to understand the the working environment for health and care professionals delivering integrated care in Ireland, and whether market forces and education providers are addressing the needs of movements towards providing integrated people-centred care.

Download Karen O’ Connell’s Presentation (Including Read list & Q/A)

Download Nuria Toro Polanco’s Presentation

Download Michelle Kearns’s Presentation

Session 3 - Leadership in Integrated Care

Tuesday, 10 September 12pm GMT

In this webinar Dr Áine Carroll, Professor of Healthcare Integration and Improvement at UCD and Ewan King, Chief Operating Officer at the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) look at the leadership and management qualities and skills required across all system levels to make integrated care a reality.

Download Karen O’ Connell’s Presentation (Including Reading list & Q/A)

Download Dr Áine Carroll’s Presentation

Session 4 – Implementing Integrated Care in Northern Ireland

Tuesday, 8 October 1:30pm GMT

In the fourth in the series, Dr Sloan Harper Director of Integration at the Health and Social Care Board Northern Ireland will outline why Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) are key to transforming how health and social care is delivered in Northern Ireland and what lessons have been learnt on their journey to date. Martin Hayes, Project Director, Integrated Care Partnerships, Health and Social Care Board Northern Ireland will present Project ECHO Northern Ireland and how the scheme has supported the advancement of integrated care.

Download Karen O’ Connell’s Presentation (Including Reading list & Q/A)

Download Dr. Sloan Harper’s Presentation 

Download Martin Hayes’ Presentation

Session 5 – Patient Voice in Design of Integrated Care Systems

Monday, 11 November 12pm GMT

Integrated care requires joined up information for effective planning, delivery and management. Different countries are experimenting with a range policy approaches to designing integrated information systems with varying levels of success. Information systems to support integrated care that start with the needs of the user of information (individual, health and care professional, service manager, payer, policy maker), are most likely to succeed in being adopted. In this webinar, Niamh Lennox-Chhugani from TaoHealth will present the MINDSPACE behavioural framework alongside technology tools to engage users in a process of co-design for integrated information systems will help deliver on the promise of better population health and better value healthcare sooner rather than later by producing information systems that support real time coordinated person- and community-centred decision-making. Dr. Éidín Ní Shé will speak with us about the PPI Ignite program and how it is building the capacity in health research in Ireland by broadening the group of health researchers who involve patients and members of the public in their research.

Download Karen O’ Connell’s Presentation (Including Reading list & Q/A)

Download Niamh Lennox-Chhungani’s Presentation

Download Dr. Éidín Ní Shé’s Presentation

Session 6 – Innovative Approaches to Delivering Integrated Care

Tuesday, 10 December 3pm GMT

In the last of our series we will look at population health management and Dr Oliver Gröne, Vice Chairman of the Board at OptiMedis AG will present the systems and processes required to achieve the greatest improvements in health and care based on his experience at Gesundes Kinzigtal in Germany and will be followed by John Williford, Senior Director of Operations at Montefiore Care Management in New York who will speak about the approach of the Montefiore health system, and why their integrated approach to health care has been so successful.

Download Karen O’ Connell’s Presentation (Including Reading list & Q/A)

Download Dr. Oliver Gröne’s Presentation

Download John Williford’s Presentation

Facilitated by:

Professor Áine Carroll 

Áine Carroll is Co-Director of IFIC Ireland and Professor of Healthcare Integration and Improvement/Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine  at University College Dublin/National Rehabilitation Hospital

Dr Sloan Harper

Sloan Harper is Chair of IFIC Ireland and Director of Integrated Care at the Health and Social Care Board Northern Ireland

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