IFIC Ireland Realising Integrated Care 2022 Webinar Series

IFIC Ireland Realising Integrated Care 2022 Webinar Series


24/05/2022 - 31/12/2022    
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Realising Integrated Care 

IFIC Ireland will host and facilitate a series of webinars from May 2022 titled ‘Realising Integrated Care’ which forms one of the key delivery mechanisms enabling knowledge mobilisation across all stakeholders with an interest in developing and implementing integrated care within the healthcare systems on the island of Ireland.  

 It is important that those taking integrated care forward are enabled to share their experience, success and failures with others. Spread and sustainability can be accelerated if innovators and leaders are supported to work together in learning networks through which information and intelligence can be shared. This helps to avoid the same mistakes being made, can avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and can help build commitment and support by enabling leaders to work together in a community of practice.  

 It is also important to make it easy for those leading integrated care to access outside expertise, e.g., in identifying what best practice looks like when developing integrated care for older people or learning how best to share information about users across organisations and services. Creating a hub to support learning and development is critical, as is accessing skills in service improvement to support rapid cycles of learning. 

Webinars offer a flexible, easy to access learning experience, which answer to the demands of professionals and students alike. By mixing videos and presentations with live question and answer sessions, participants have the chance to ask burning questions in a relaxed and safe environment. The pre-recorded videos, background material and recommended reading lists are available for download after each webinar session. The webinar series are often organised in cooperation with one of IFIC’s partners, and address current topics giving a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in theory as well as illustrating the concepts with numerous practical examples from around the world. The guest speakers are also recruited from our substantive network, thus offering the unique opportunity of asking questions to the leading experts in the field.

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Session 1 – Leading an innovative approach to prevention, community care and integration of care in Ireland – Online Workshop

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 3.30pm IST 

Sláintecare Department of Health & HSE in association with IFIC Ireland as part of 21st International Conference on Integrated Care

The Sláintecare Action Plan 2019 established the building blocks for a significant shift in the way in which health services are delivered in Ireland, seeking to deliver on the Future of Healthcare Committee’s vison of a health system in which care is provided in the right place, at the right time, by the right person. Budget 2019 provided €20 million for the establishment of a ring-fenced Sláintecare Integration Fund to test and scale how services can best be delivered. The Fund received submissions with a focus on prevention, community care and integration of care across all health and social care settings.

The selected projects needed to:

  • Promote the engagement and empowerment of citizens in the care of their own health
  • Scale and share examples of best practice and processes for chronic disease management and care of older people
  • Encourage innovations in the shift of care to the community or provide hospital avoidance measures

This workshop organised in partnership with HSE & IFIC Ireland reflected on this innovative approach to testing and piloting new ways of working and new models of care that shifted care from the hospital to the community and focused on prevention.

The workshop heard from Muriel Farrell, Sláintecare who shared how the integration fund was implemented, how it worked, what were the outcomes and gave a look ahead to what happens next.

Dr Orlaith Reilly, National Clinical Adviser and Group Lead for Chronic Disease HSE gave an overview of the implementation of the National Framework for the Integrated Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease in Ireland. The Integrated Care Programme is a research evidence based programme and it is focussed on Cardiovascular Disease, COPD, Type 2 Diabetes and Asthma.

We then heard from three projects funded through the Sláintecare Integration Fund, which have been mainstreamed and they each shared details about their projects, the benefits to patients, challenges and opportunities that were presented along the way. It was great to hear directly from patients who are benefiting from these innovative projects.


Sharon Moran, CNS Headache Disorders at Tallaght University Hospital and Elaine Lillis, Superintentent Pharmacists at Meaghers  Community Pharmacy spoke about the Sláintecare Towards Self-Care in Headache project. Elizabeth O Neill, CNS Vascular Tallaght University Hospital and Eithne Crowley, Community Registered Nurse HSE spoke about the Sláintecare Leg Ulcer Project at Tallaght University Hospital and Maeve McKeon, HSE Self-Management Support Co-ordinator for Chronic Disease spoke about the Living Well Self-Management Programme which is being mainstreamed across six Community Healthcare Areas.


As the Sláintecare Integration Fund moves to the next phase this was a great opportunity to share lessons learned, ask questions and find out how we can continue to drive innovation and provide world class services in the delivery of health and care across Ireland.

Session 2 – How to get published

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 8.30am IST

At IFIC Ireland’s next webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to engage directly with some of the leading names in integrated care, who will share their advice on how to get published.

You will hear from three of the editors of the International Journal for Integrated Care (IJIC), the founder of IFIC, and the President of the Emerging Research Professionals in Integrated Care (ERPIC) group.

Aimed at all those interested in writing scientific papers on their programmes or initiatives, emerging researchers, as well as experienced, published academics, this webinar will allow you to dig deep into the current trends of integrated care publishing and the state of the publishing in this field.

With contributions from three important integrated care journal editors, you’ll get advice on how to collaborate with others, how to structure your submissions, how to adapt your research to meet current topics, and how to make your work stand out.


You will hear from:


Dr Edelweiss Aldasoro,

Joint Editor-in-Chief of IJIC






Dr Robin Miller,

Joint Editor-in-Chief of IJIC






Prof. Viktoria Stein,

Joint Editor-in-Chief of IJIC






Dr Nick Goodwin,

Joint Editor-in-Chief of IJIC






Sebastian Lindblom,

President of ERPIC






Session 3 – Living Well as Possible: Lessons from Palliative and EoLC for the Health and Care Community

Thursday, September 15th 2022 3.00PM IST

IFIC Ireland in association with the All-Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care invite you to attend a one hour webinar on Living Well as Possible: Lessons from Palliative and EoLC for the Health and Care Community on Thursday, 15 September at 3pm. The webinar is for all those involved in the design and delivery of health and care services across the island of Ireland including people, care givers and families who are interested in learning more about a palliative and end of life, person-centred approach to care.

The focus of palliative care is to improve quality of life, and relieve suffering, for both patients and their carers. Growing evidence supports the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of specialist palliative care. A multi-disciplinary approach that includes hospital based consultants, GPs, primary care services, community pharmacists and community based health and care professionals means that palliative and end of life care can be delivered in a truly integrated way. Also, working with patients and families to understand their preferences and provide care in way that meets their needs leads to a more person-centred and co-designed approach.

As part of Palliative Care Week 2022, we invite you to hear from a range of experts who have been working at system level and in the community to understand what lessons can the broader health and care workforce learn from those working in palliative and end of life care and are there transformative lessons that can be applied elsewhere in the system and across the whole life course?




Professor Xavier Gomez-Bastiste,

Director of the Qualy Observatory of the ICO Chair of Palliative Care University of Vic, Spain.




Download Xavier’s Presentation


Denise Cranston and Dr Tracy Anderson,

South Eastern Trust Rapid Access Hub for Palliative Care, Northern Ireland.



Download Denise and Tracy’s Presentation


Alison Bunce,

Compassionate Inverclyde, Scotland.





Download Alison’s Presentation

Session 4 – IFIC Ireland - The Population Health Approach

Wednesday, December 14th 2022 2.00PM IST

On December 14th from 2pm to 3pm, IFIC Ireland will host a webinar on Population Health, the latest in our Realising Integrated Care series.

As we try to build better integrated care systems, a population health approach is a must. Our panel of experts will discuss their experience in making care more accessible and more effective for local and regional populations and disadvantaged groups.


Speakers will include:

Dr Sarah O’Brien

Office of National Clinical Advisor

and Group Lead (NCAGL) for Chronic Disease





Solvejg Wallyn

Policy Officer at Flemish Community

Agency Care and Public Health




The presentations and Q&A discussion will touch on themes that will be further explored at our International Conference for Integrated Care (ICIC) in Flanders next May, including:


  • How can we ensure risk assessment and stratification are included in all the population health approaches?
  • How can national and regional care strategies and policies support population health approach?
  • How can digital innovations such as digital care support plans enable improved population health approaches?
  • How can we know our population better to adapt population health initiatives to the characteristics and needs of the local population?
  • How can we collect and include data on a broader range of indicators including social care and support, psychological and mental needs among others, to identify the needs of the population to plan better support services?
  • What are the training and education needs for better integrated care at all levels including population health management?
  • How can we reach out to the more vulnerable groups to ensure an inclusive approach?
Facilitated by:

Professor Áine Carroll 
Áine Carroll is Co-Director of IFIC Ireland and Professor of Healthcare Integration and Improvement/Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine  at University College Dublin/National Rehabilitation Hospital

Dr Sloan Harper
Sloan Harper is Chair of IFIC Ireland and Director of Integrated Care at the Health and Social Care Board Northern Ireland

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