IHF Partners’ Workshop 2023 edition

IHF Partners' Workshop 2023 edition


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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IHF Partners’ Workshop at the 46th IHF World Hospital Congress

In 2030, hospitals will be sustainable. How do we get there?

Session overview
A fictive scenario will allow the participants to envision a common vision. All stakeholders have a role to play to reach this shared goal by 2030:

In 2030, hospitals are environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. Their motivated workforce serves the communities by providing quality and equitable services and by promoting health. Hospitals benefit the environment and global population through their net-zero targets, which contributes to reducing the sector’s climate footprint.

This vision will come true if we all work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and related targets set for 2030, while recognizing the potential of low-carbon, resilient and sustainable healthcare practices to strengthen health systems. Many solutions are mutually reinforcing, particularly if thought through as a common goal.

The objective of this workshop is to identify the essential elements that will support the transformation/transition for hospitals to be fit for the future. This will be a collective process, where all stakeholders will co-create the path to follow and learn from each other. The IHF will use this as a roadmap to share with IHF Members and Partners after the workshop.

More information is available at www.worldhospitalcongress.org.