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Integrated Care Solutions© is a service that helps support IFIC’s international clients in the effective design and adoption of their integrated care programmes. We achieve this by bringing together the benefits of IFIC’s own content experts with our growing global network of members, associates and knowledge partners. By working with our clients to understand their aspirations for integrated care in their own context, Integrated Care Solutions© provides tailored support that help to advance strategic thinking and translating that into implementation, enabling sustainable service transformation at local, regional and national levels.

Integrated Care Solutions© provides customised services that combine research, best practice and expertise to design and support the effective and sustainable implementation of integrated care.

Integrated Care Solutions© Webinar: Frameworks for Assessing Integrated Care: The project Integrate (Europe) Thursday, 20 September 12:00pm – 13:00pm (GMT+1)

Integrated Care Solutions© Webinar: Frameworks for Assessing Integrated Care: The project Integrate (Asia Pacific) Friday, 21 September 08:00am – 09:00am (AEST)

There is a lack of evidence supporting ‘how’ to design, pilot, implement, assess, and scale-up innovations that support integrated care. Most existing diagnostic frameworks set out the key building blocks of an integrated care system, but are unable to articulate or untangle the highly complex dynamics and interrelationships between key factors. There is some understanding of this complexity, but approaches lack the ability to untangle complex relationships. There are many existing tools to support measurement of processes and outcomes, but very few are specifically tailored to integrated care.

This webinar will explore a range of assessment frameworks that are suitable for Integrated Care Systems with a special focus and synthesis through Project INTEGRATE. The Project INTEGRATE famework provides an evidence-based understanding of the key dimensions and items of integrated care that the research showed were associated with successful implementation. The framework aims to provide a conceptual basis for reflecting on the design and implementation of new integrated care programs/projects.



Dr Nick Goodwin
International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)

Nick was the co-Founder of IFIC in October 2011 and became its first Chief Executive Officer in March 2013. Nick is also the Editor-in-Chief of IFIC’s open-access and impact rated scientific periodical the International Journal of Integrated Care.


Dr Hazel Dalton
Research Leader and Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health
The University of Newcastle (UON)

Dr Dalton is the Research Leader and Senior Research Fellow (Executive) at the University of Newcastle’s Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health, based in Orange, New South Wales. She manages research across mental health promotion (including the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program), innovation in mental health service provision (including integrated care) and rural suicide prevention. Hazel is a Facilitator for the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) Australia, playing a key role in the advancement of integrated care in Australia.

Facilitated by:

Andrew Terris

Andrew Terris is Senior Associate for the Foundation. He has held a number of international and national strategic roles in Europe and New Zealand in the areas of health process, information and measurement.