Masterclass Implementing Integrated Care

Masterclass Implementing Integrated Care


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Masterclass Implementing Integrated Care

Many healthcare providers, organizations, and policy-makers are keen to work together with older adults with complex health conditions to implement integrated care programmes to meet patients’ functional and health care needs. This master class is offered to those who seek to understand effective approaches to implement integrated care programmes. Presenters have studied integrated care internationally and have most recently conducted extensive case studies of the implementation of integrated care in Quebec, Ontario and New Zealand as part of the implementing Integrated Care for Older Adults with Complex Health needs (ICOACH) program.

Who Should Come?

This master class will provide an interactive learning opportunity for researchers, policy-makers, organizations, providers, and patients to assess their own environments vis-à-vis key factors that we have learned are essential to effective implementation, scale and spread of integrated care initiatives.

What is the Focus?

Integrated care programs cannot operate in isolation and the direct consideration of context including funding and policy, organizational values and leadership, inter-organisational and inter-sectoral relationships will be discussed with suggestions for how to measure and implement these mechanisms.

Our studies have also reinforced the importance of patient-centred care and how this is operationalized among successful programs including both patients and informal caregivers. Key approaches toimplementation of policies, organisational and inter-organisational structures and practices as well as provider activities and engagement will be examined. How these activities are implemented variously
across different programs will also be presented.