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Master course Integrated Care Design, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Health and social care systems are changing rapidly due to problems such as ageing, multiple chronic disorders and lifestyle consequences and, more recently, the COVID-19 and other viral crises. Both the scope and size of these problems are growing exponentially and in order to provide the care that fits the needs of people it is adamant that health and social services are transformed to more dynamic networks, personalized care, integrated services and e-health services. The Master Integrated Care Design (MICD) prepares students for their role as innovators in this transformation.

The MICD is a two-year parttime online course, part of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is designed for students with a professional Bachelor Degree. During the MICD, students acquire additional generic qualifications. These qualifications are necessary for positions such as advisor, quality manager, unit- or team manager, project manager and those positions where a resourceful, sensitive, durable, efficient, effective, creative and evidence-based design is needed to deal with multiple, unpredictable and very often chronic, problems.

The MICD offers a unique combination of three perspectives on analyzing of and designing solutions for the wicked problems we face in health and social care: the scientific, evidence-based perspective, the organizational and business perspectives and the professional and personal (client, patient, citizen) perspectives.



“My educational experience with University of Applied Sciences Utrecht’s Masters of Integrated Care Design has been one of the most enriching experiences of my professional career. Innovating in the health and care space requires a unique skill set that is action focused and practical in its implementation and purposeful in its design to support leading in a different manner. This experience has given me the foundational skill necessary to think deeply about the complex challenges that face our systems, patients and caregivers and then designing, focusing on implementation and determining the social returns that will deliver on the promise of integrated care”


Dave Pearson, Director Clinical Programs and Innovation, Ontario Health Central Region, Class of 2021


Ruben van Zelm,
Course Manager
University of Applied Sciences


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