IFIC Australia Webinar – Unveiling the Power of Evidence-Based Reviews in Integrated Care: A Practical Case Study Approach

IFIC Australia Webinar - Unveiling the Power of Evidence-Based Reviews in Integrated Care: A Practical Case Study Approach


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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Unveiling the Power of Evidence-Based Reviews in Integrated Care: A Practical Case Study Approach

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, adeptly synthesising evidence is crucial for informed decision-making and impactful service design. Join IFIC Australia for an online seminar exploring the nuances of evidence-based reviews in integrated care. This online seminar will give you the knowledge and tools to start undertaking your own evidence-based reviews to support your research, projects or strengthen your funding applications in integrated care.

Our esteemed panel of speakers includes Dr. Suzanne Lewis, Chief Knowledge Officer at IFIC Australia, and Dr. Zoi Triandafilidis, Research Fellow at the Central Coast Research Institute, offering expertise in integrated care research and practical application. Also joining us is Dr. Sally Carr, Director of Palliative Care and Senior Staff Specialist at the Central Coast Palliative Care Service in NSW. With a wealth of experience in palliative care, Dr. Carr brings valuable insights into the application of integrated care evidence to the development of new models of palliative care.

This online seminar is essential for healthcare professionals, policymakers, researchers, and advocates seeking to leverage evidence effectively in advancing integrated care initiatives. Do not miss this opportunity to engage with leading experts and elevate your understanding of evidence-based practices in integrated care.

This session will be chaired by Tabitha Jones, IFIC Australia Coordinator, who brings her expertise in facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration in the field of integrated care.

Through a blend of theoretical frameworks and practical applications, attendees will:

  • Gain insights into the principles of evidence-based reviews
  • Learn strategies for identifying and appraising relevant evidence sources
  • Be given tools to apply to their own work to have a practical approach to Evidence Based Reviews
  • Witness firsthand the translation of evidence into actionable insights for service design and funding applications through a compelling case study presentation

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For additional resources and inquiries, or for more information contact IFIC Australia IFICAustralia@integratedcarefoundation.org

Facilitated by

Tabitha Jones
IFIC Australia

Tabitha Jones is the IFIC Australia Coordinator and is also a pharmacist and current research student with The Menzies Centre for Health Policy and Economics. She is embarking on research in health and social care policy integration in Australia. Tabitha brings a unique perspective to the field, combining her expertise in healthcare with a passion for understanding and improving the health system in Australia. Having held numerous clinical roles in rural NSW and project roles with NSW Health and Western NSW PHN, she has extensive experience in integrated care projects. Tabitha’s work exemplifies a deep commitment to advancing interdisciplinary collaboration and improving healthcare outcomes for all, especially those in rural areas where she has lived and worked her whole life.


Dr Suzanne Lewis
Chief Knowledge Officer
IFIC Australia

Dr Suzanne Lewis is the Chief Knowledge Officer at IFIC Australia. She has a long-standing interest in research evidence for integrated care. In 2018 she led a project to develop an Integrated Care Search (ICS), a validated search filter to identify the Integrated Care literature in PubMed, in collaboration with the International Foundation for Integrated Care. Suzanne was part of the CCLHD (Central Coast Local Health District) Library team as the Library Services Manager at the CCLHD for 26 years. She is the co-author of a number of peer reviewed journal articles, and it is with much excitement that we have welcomed her to the IFIC Australia Team and will utilise her expertise and knowledge.

Zoi Triandafilidis
Research Fellow
Central Coast Research Institute for Integrated Care (CCRI)

Dr Zoi Triandafilidis is a Research Fellow at the CCRI (Central Coast Research Institute) (Central Coast Institute for Integrated Care). She is working to enable and support grant-funded research projects being led by the CCRI. Prior to this, she managed the MRFF Palliative Care Project, empowering clinicians to grow their research knowledge and develop clinical research skills, and to support improvements in the provision of palliative and end of life care on the Central Coast. Zoi has over ten years’ experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research. In 2018 she completed a PhD at Western Sydney University’s Translational Health Research Institute, exploring young women’s cigarette smoking experience. She has a particular interest in family and friend carers. We look forward to Zoi’s insightful contribution to the online seminar and her sharing of knowledge and expertise in research.

Dr. Sally Carr
Director of Palliative Care
Senior Staff Specialist
Central Coast Palliative Care Service in NSW

Dr Sally Carr is the Director of Palliative Care and a Senior Staff Specialist with the Central Coast Palliative Care Service in NSW. Sally completed her undergraduate and postgraduate training in the UK but emigrated to Australia as a Specialist in Palliative Care in 2006. Sally was fortunate to be involved with the Central Coast Palliative Care research projects in dementia and end of life care and is interested in the ongoing improvement in the coordination and provision of end-of-life care for all. When not working Sally enjoys playing hockey, getting satisfaction from hitting a ball as hard as possible with a stick and running,