Seminar – Coordinating care to older people with complex needs in the home environment

Coordinating care to older people with complex needs in the home environment: What works and how can we improve care delivery?

This seminar will take place in University of Newcastle, Sydney Campus on Wednesday, 17 April from 14:30 – 15:45.

Older people with complex health and care needs are often beset by challenges in accessing appropriate care and encounter problems of poor care co-ordination on a daily basis. Using international case examples, this seminar will examine a continuum of approaches that have been used to help improve quality of care and quality of life to older people living at home, including to their carers and family members. These approaches include ways that enable older people to live well and independently in the home environment; promote access to primary and community-based resources in the community; enable effective and seamless care transitions; and support dignity in care for people with dementia and nearing the end of life. The seminar concludes with a review of the newly-published roadmap from the EU project SUSTAIN that was first presented at their final conference in Brussels on the 13th March 2019. The roadmap sets out guidance on how to design, implement and improve integrated care to older people including hints and tips on creating an enabling environment for change.

Seminar to be followed by the launch of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Integrated Care Conference to be held in Melbourne in November and a short discussion around IFIC Australia activities.

Keynote Speaker


Dr Nick Goodwin
International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)