Valuing Medicines Panel Discussion

Valuing Medicines Panel Discussion


12:00 am

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IPHA is pleased to announce The Forum, their thought-leadership platform for healthcare and medicines innovation. It is a series of events we will run during the year, diving into the major policy themes that are shaping the operating landscape for biopharmaceutical innovators in Ireland and across the world. Moderated by well-known science broadcaster Jonathan McCrea, The Forum takes to the virtual world IPHA’s ‘Innovate For Life’ annual conference – an on-site event which, in recent years, has become an in-demand discussion space for medicines innovation. Like with many of their events in the past, IPHA is delighted that Uniphar has come on board again as the sponsor.

Valuing Medicines – March 25, 2021 12:00 PM GMT

In this panel discussion, the IPHA investigates the socioeconomic impact of medicines in Ireland over a 20-year horizon. Using a groundbreaking new study by the WifOR Economic Research Institute, they will examine health as a driver of wealth, growth, and innovation through the lens of three therapy areas – cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and respiratory disease. IPHA will demonstrate the value of medicines in workforce productivity and for overall population health – and ask whether change is needed in how health policies are weighed and made.
Presented by Johnathan McCrea
Professor Dennis Ostwald, Founder, and CEO, WifOR Economic Research Institute
John Armstrong, Head of Actuarial, Allianz Care
Dr. Dearbhaile Collins, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Cork University Hospital