Workshop: Frameworks for Assessing Integrated Care

Workshop: Frameworks for Assessing Integrated Care


12:00 am


Jubilee Room, NSW Parliament House
6 Macquarie Street , Sydney

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Frameworks for Assessing Integrated Care: The Building Blocks for Successful Implementation and their Implications in the Australian Context

What is the workshop about?

Integrated care has become a global movement for change in the way health and care services are organised around the needs of people and populations. Yet, for many reasons, the implementation of integrated care programmes has often been beset by failures and/or the inability to grow innovations to achieve both the scale and sustainability required to achieve transformational change. Whilst there are numerous international examples where integrated care has demonstrably improved people’s care experiences and outcomes in more cost-effective ways, significant and persistent barriers remain to successful adoption of integrated care in practice.

There is, nonetheless, growing evidence that points to the building blocks that are necessary to design and build effective integrated care programmes and integrated care systems. Indeed, in recent years, a plethora of frameworks have emerged to support implementation, to enable self-assessment of progress, and to aid in undertaking evaluations of outcomes. This workshop will review these emerging frameworks to provide a synthesis of the core building blocks for integrated care at both a project (local) level that support improved care outcomes for people, but also at a system-level that supports the maturity of integrated care programmes for the longer term.

Delegates that attended the workshop reflected upon these frameworks to examine the key issues and challenges in taking integrated care forward in their own local contexts. The workshop was also designed to promote debate on the implications that such knowledge may have for taking forward the integrated care agenda in the Australian context. The workshop was designed as a first engagement event that IFIC Australia is undertaking alongside its Partners on this topic with the core aim to produce an independent policy paper by the end of 2018 on ‘how to’ enable integrated care in Australia.


Dr Nick Goodwin 
Co-Founder and CEO
International Foundation for Integrated Care

Nick was the co-Founder of IFIC in October 2011 and became its first Chief Executive Officer in March 2013. Nick is also the Editor-in-Chief of IFIC’s open-access and impact rated scientific periodical the International Journal of Integrated Care.

Nick holds a range of research, educational and consultation roles worldwide. These international commitments include several European R&D projects such as the EU FP7 Project INTEGRATE, the Horizon 2020 project SUSTAIN and the ICT-PSP projects SMARTCARE, BEYOND SILOS, and CAREWELL. Nick is an active member of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing B3 Action Group on Integrated Care.

Nick has also been working with the World Health Organisation to support the development of its Global Strategy on People-Centred Integrated Health Services and is on the Expert Advisory Team to WHO Regional Office for Europe’s Framework for Action Towards Coordinated/Integrated Health Services Delivery (CIHSD) leading work related to change management and adoption of integrated care in policy and practice.

Over the past year, Nick has also worked as an international consultant to the Agency for Integrated Care, Singapore; the Pan American Health Organisation, Washington; the WHO’s Western Pacific Regional Office; and to NHS England’s Better Care Fund Support Programme.

In previous roles, Nick worked as a Senior Fellow at the King’s Fund (2007-2013) leading key work on integrated health and social care as well as a two-year Inquiry into the quality of care in English general practice. Nick has also worked as a Senior Lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2003-2007) where he directed MSc and DrPH courses and worked as a lead academic for the National Institute for Health Research commissioning key studies into the service delivery and organisation of health care.

In January 2016, Nick received the Avedis Donabedian International Award for his contribution to Healthcare Excellence and Integrated Health and Social Care.

Where can I find out more about IFIC Australia?

The core mission of IFIC Australia is to develop capacity and capabilities in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region in the design and delivery of integrated care. IFIC Australia seeks to achieve this by providing a platform to develop and exchange ideas and promote activities in the region in keeping with IFIC’s mission. To find out more visit the IFIC Australia Webpage