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Chad Boult MD, MPH, MBA

Medical Director of Medical Education
St. Alphonsus Health System


Millions of people have multiple health-related conditions that require various combinations of medical treatment, psychological assistance and social support — and the numbers of such people are growing as the sizes of the older populations of most nations are increasing rapidly. Integrating the medical, psychological and social help provided to each such person, rather than requiring the recipient (and family) to coordinate multiple disparate forms of assistance, would enhance the aggregate effectiveness of the help, improve the quality of life for these people, and contain the overall costs of their care. The process of integrating care for individuals, however, is challenging and complex. Facilitating this process of change is the raison d’être of the International Foundation for Integrated Care — and the mission to which I am committed.

My background has prepared me well to understand the importance and the challenges of integrating complex care. Originally trained as a family physician and a geriatrician, I learned firsthand of the inadequacy and ineffectiveness of non-integrated care for older people with multiple chronic conditions. Seeking to improve complex care in the United States, I returned to school and then became a medical educator and a health services researcher at the Johns Hopkins University’s Schools of Public Health, Medicine and Nursing. As the director of the school’s Center for Integrated Health Care, I led interdisciplinary teams that developed and field-tested new models of integrated care for older people with chronic health conditions and their family carers. More recently, I had the good fortune to lead the “Improving Healthcare Systems” program at a federal research funding organization and then created interdisciplinary geriatrics and palliative care programs at a four-hospital healthcare system in the northwestern United States.

I am profoundly honored to have been given the opportunity to help lead the International Foundation for Integrated Care in its quest to improve complex care and the lives of the people around the world who need it.

Chad’s areas of expertise include clinical geriatrics, medical education, research on improving life for people with complex health care needs.

Chad Boult

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