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Emerging Researchers in Integrated Care

Integrated care models aim to deliver tailored coordinated and linked care at system, service, and patient levels based on emerging research. The next generation of students, academics, researchers and practitioners are fundamental in shaping the integrated health and social care systems of tomorrow.

IFIC recognises the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, fostering connections and mentorships for emerging researchers and professionals in the field of integrated care. This is why IFIC supports the Emerging Researchers in Integrated Care (ERIC) network.

ERIC is a unique international platform founded to connect emerging researchers and professionals and to provide interdisciplinary learning about the science and practice of integrated care, and opportunities to participate in networking and mentorships.


To provide an international platform that brings emerging researchers and professionals together to advance the science, development, knowledge and adoption of integrated care research, policy and practice.

Mission / Aims:

ERIC aims to provide opportunities for emerging researchers and professionals to network, collaborate and engage in peer-to-peer relationships and/or mentorships, with the aim of advancing the field of integrated and person-centred care which can improve patient outcomes, experiences of care, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of care delivery and health systems, and the satisfaction of healthcare workforce (the Quadruple Aim).

ERIC will achieve this by strengthening the presence of emerging professionals and researchers in the integrated care community and empower them to develop research skills and inter-professional competencies.


Mudi Kadu


Henriikka Laurola
Vice President


Hannah Johnson
Strategy Lead


Jenna McArthur
Liaison Officer


Nereide Alhena Curreri
Research & Development Lead


Paul Wankah
Knowledge Exchange lead

The target audience for ERIC includes:

  • Emerging researchers; including Masters and PhD students, post-doctorates and recent graduates working or interested in working in integrated care research (e.g. 0-3 years post-graduate)
  • Professionals who have had 0-5 years working in industry.

Joining ERIC provides you with access to IFIC’s new platform dedicated to emerging researchers, professionals, and students, to share, support, collaborate and exchange knowledge in the field of integrated care. Other opportunities include:

  • International knowledge exchange:
    • Webinars
    •  Workshops
    •  Publications
  • Join sub-groups based on your interests, to enhance opportunities for collaboration
  • Access to exclusive IFIC resources and groups, such as Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other emerging and senior researchers
  • Networking and internship/job opportunities
  • Mentorship with researchers and policy makers (including opportunities for peer-mentorship)
  • Opportunities to attend study tours in different countries
  • Participate in ERIC activities at IFIC conferences
  • Become an IFIC member and take advantage of a range of benefits including discounts on IFIC’s multi-country study tours, international conferences, the Integrated Care Academy Summer School and access to networks within the foundation.
  • Once you are a member of IFIC you can join the ERIC community by logging into the IFIC Members Network here and clicking on the ERIC section.
  • Mentorship
    We believe the right kind of mentorship support can be an important aspect of building an environment for success for emerging researchers. The Emerging Researchers in Integrated Care (ERIC) program aims to connect senior researchers, practitioners and policy makers with mentees. The goal is to guide them into the integrated care network, make new connections and foster new opportunities for research and knowledge exchange. MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON


  • Town hall
    Want your opinion heard? join the upcoming Town hall, January 21st from 12:30-1:30pm. Sign up to reserve your spot and make your voice count.  The ERIC Town hall is a unique and annual opportunity for Emerging Researchers in Integrated Care to share their opinions and ideas on how the network can better support them, with the ERIC leadership team. In collaboration with IFIC, this year we are unveiling our first mentorship program. We would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve the program to enhance your mentee experience! Register here 

For feedback or interest in joining the ERIC mentorship program email:


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